Yakov Darling: Urals until

     On the status of the sport in the city, its problems and achievements says the chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the city administration Frenkel Nice little.     In the near future in our city should appear just two football fields with artificial turf: the stadium "Youth" and "Jupiter". To date, the stadium "Youth" completely drain the reserve of a football field, the construction of the stands, fences and service space. After that will be announced on communications systems and asphalt tracks. The Read more [...]
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Komsomol youth, my

     Komsomol Uralvagonzavod celebrated its 75th anniversary. On holiday evening in honor of the glorious date in DC named after IV Okuneva profit nonresident guests, veterans of the enterprise. All their associated memories of youth, shock affairs for the benefit of the country.     In the hall was made red banner of the Komsomol and the People's Commissariat of the tank industry, passed in 1946, the plant for permanent storage. Rights make banner was awarded one of the oldest of the Komsomol committee of secretaries of the company Alexander Shcherbinin. This Read more [...]
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Think about your Motherland

    YCL - 90 Age young. There is something to remember, something to be proud, and not ashamed to look in the eye. All generations with times in 1918 contributed to the history of the country has its own unique page and the current anniversary - serious reason to remember the six orders of the Komsomol and of her own youth. Read more [...]
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Do not part with the Young Communist League

     Will celebrate 75 years in 2011 UralVagonZavod – one of the leading Russian machine-building complexes. Anniversary date is October, and the spring – March 21, 1936 held its first plant wide meeting of the Komsomol, which elected a Committee Komsomol. Became his secretary Bertha Rosina.     It is impossible to imagine the history of shestiordenonosnogo Uralvagonzavod without a history of its youth organization. Here, for the thousands of young men and women Komsomol became a real school of life. Time itself gave them lessons of courage, kindness Read more [...]
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Memorial Complex of Glory metallurgists 35 years

     Memorial Complex of Glory metallurgists in 2006 was 35 years. This monumental building, with an impressive stele and bowl, where in the days of military events fire burning memory, everyone knows tagilchanin.     It all started in 1969, when in the park near the Palace of Culture was laid the first stone of the monument to the fallen at the front metallurgists. On that day there was a meeting at which steelmakers pledged that the 25th anniversary of the Victory in the recreation park will be built monument Taghilsky metallurgists who died during the Great Read more [...]
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Lebiazhie (pos. Lebyazhe second)

Lebiazhie (pos. Lebyazhe second) pos. Mountains. type, p-tion n. Coorg. region. Located 94 km from Barrow. In 1895, 6 miles from the village. Lebyazhe passed railway and was built by Art. Lebyazhya Siberian. To Art. postal operations conducted annually send up to 450 thousand. pounds. grains, meat, oil. By 1909 in the village. there were 1,700 residents. Regular. occupation of arable farming, poultry farming. Max. common fisheries: shoemaker, pimokatny, sartorial, forging metalwork. Since 1923 Lebyazhe p. Lebyazhevskoy par., 1924 District. Intensive development of the beginning. In 1941, with Read more [...]
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Lazhentseva Nina

Lazhentseva Nina (07 (20) .01.1901. Perm 22.01. 1988, Sverdl.), Actress, Honored. Art. RSFSR (1952). Rod. in a noble family. Graduated from high school. Theatrical career began in Perm in blue blouse (1926) and the Youth Theatre. Since 1927 in the drama. 1928-37 in Ur mobile. slave. realistic theater, in 1937-85 Sverdl. Youth Theatre. Best role: Turandot (Turandot Carlo Gozzi), Louise (Intrigue and Love Schiller), Lisa (Woe from Wit A.Griboedova), Maria Antonivna (Inspector Nikolai Gogol), Xenia (Rift B.Lavreneva) Berezhkova (Open Goncharov), Maria Nikolaevna (Russian people Konstantin Simonov), Read more [...]
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How our words resound

    50 years ago in our city high school №18 hospitably opened its doors Club poetry lovers "Youth", named, of course, the name of a loved magazine for young people, who then, in 1959, was also quite yun years since started published in 1955, but has become part of Youth and leisure reading.     Those who were the first members Club "Youth" Now many 60, and followers already over 50 in the history of the school № 18 preserved their names Andrew Shander, Alya Milekhina, Peter Kern, Jacob Scharf, Valeri Brainin, Olga Kuznetsova: Quite a few of Read more [...]
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History of the Young Communist League in facts and figures

     August 10, 1919 in the building of the Merchants' Club (now the Museum of Fine Arts) held first Komsomol meeting. This day is considered the birthday of the city organization.     Declared itself during the Civil War Tagilskaya Komsomol thrice declared mobilization. Protect first The world state of workers and peasants went to the front of the boys and girls. Many died a heroic death.     In the 20-30 years of the last century clearly identified the main areas of activity of the Union of Russian youth. It is a struggle against illiteracy, homelessness, Read more [...]
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History in Photographs

    In historical museum opened Exhibition "Komsomol youth Tagil". History Tagil Komsomol - this is not another milestone in the history of our city and state.     Pre-war years - it Komsomol tagilchan tickets, clothing and weapons the Civil War, defense technology. Read more [...]
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Living Traditions front Komsomol

In June 1943, the first factory Komsomol conference Wartime Basil Kukina elected a member of the committee. A July 23, 1044 the newspaper "Komniternovets" reported: "Komsomol-youth brigade frontline Basil Cucina (shop where komsorgom Comrade. Gurarii) won the regional competition Frolovs brigades in June the first place, as well as first place in the city." Resolution of the trade union organization Basil Kukin awarded the title of best factory worker. Sparing no effort, regardless of the time, worked recent graduates factory training, gained experience and skill. About how the brigade began Read more [...]
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Alive the tradition of the front of the Komsomol

     In June 1943, the first goal of the conference factory Komsomol Wartime Basil Kukina elected a member of the committee. A July 23, 1944 newspaper "Comintern" said: "Komsomol youth frontline Brigade Basil Cucina (shop, where komsorgom Comrade. Gurarii) won the regional competition front-line teams in June the first place, as well as first place in the city". Resolution of the trade union organization Basil Kukin awarded the title of best factory worker.     Sparing no effort, regardless of the time, worked recent graduates factory training, Read more [...]
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