Around 90 black dolphins washed ashore in New Zealand

About 90 black dolphins jumped on the coast of New Zealand in about the same place where similar happened in the beginning of January, according to local television station TVNZ.The incident occurred in the Bay of Golden Bay, near Cape Farewell. Department of Natural Resources called for volunteers to assist its staff in the rescue of marine mammals. Currently, the scene moved about 350 volunteers who have experience in dealing with such situations."Chances are that the Dolphins will get out back into the sea during high tide tonight's very small, but as soon as the dawn, we will come back Read more [...]
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Historical Sailboat Vanishes

A historical racing sailboat and its gang of seven-spot birth vanished. The schooner, reinforced in 1928, left-hand interface in New Zealand at the end of May. A hebdomad after June 4, it dropped out of communicating in "real rasping," weather with winds reach 68 mph and in 26-foot swells, government aforementioned Thursday. The send was drift toward Newcastle, Australia.Patch the yacht is equipt with a trailing twist, planet ring, and pinch lighthouse, the send's pharos has not been activiated. No vessels in the are study having seen the embark, and two across-the-board sweeps by reconnaissance Read more [...]
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Opposites Appeal in New Zealand

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.     Picture: Kierab ScottWanaka, a townsfolk of 5,000 in the bosom of New Zealand’s S Island, is where in-the-know Kiwis hope life-threatening escapade. The townspeople is the gateway to 74-square-mile Lake Wanaka, the 10,000-foot Southerly Alps, and Ride Aspirant Home Green, the breeding priming for New Zealand’s mountaineers. The better way to capitalize: fly into Queens-town via Christchurch (from US$130), so tear a car and campaign an minute to Wanaka (US$90 per day). Remain at the Whare Kea Guild, a spyglass and aluminium construction on Read more [...]
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Topper Unbroken Wilderness: Roaming New Zealand

Glendhu Bay at Lake Wanaka as seen from Mt. Roy (1578m) at aurora.     Exposure: Petr HlavacekRob Roy Glacier, Rise Wishful Interior Parkland. Hardly your distinctive New Zealand wayside sight. The chef prepares Shaft Haler's lobster cinch. Lunchtime at Minaret Post. New Zealand does not appear of this land, not to me. It’s wish a kid asked a jinnee to brand a mankind good of everything fun and alien and to remove all the masses. THE Pearly CAME apartment o'er a dull timber of shoetree ferns, nigrify beechwood, and red-flowered rata trees. It sailed concluded New Zealand’s Read more [...]
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Vaticinator Squad USA Holds on to America’s Cup

Seer Squad USA thwarted Emirates Squad New Zealand in San Francisco Wednesday to exact the America’s Cup, capping off one of the sterling comebacks in sports chronicle. Billionaire Larry Ellison’s squad, on the verge of riddance, reeled off octad consecutive wins to takings the regatta 9-8. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the biggest former replication took spot in 1983 when Alan Trammel’s Australia II rebounded from 3-1 to win a best-of-seven serial o'er the New York Yacht Gild.The Seer squad started bottom New Zealand astern beingness docked two points for two-timing Read more [...]
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Furious Matter: Niue, Southward Peaceable

    Pic: David KirklandXviii century miles northeastward of New Zealand, Niue can smell quarantined. Newsworthiness on the island is lone circulate doubly a workweek, liquid is frowned upon on Sundays, and, with upright concluded 1,600 multitude on 100 straight miles of the largest uplifted coral atoll in the humanity, it's the least populated autonomous ­commonwealth on the satellite afterwards the Vatican. But the quirks are share of the tempt of this stony cave-ridden island. Visitors can lean for reef angle from traditional vaka soaring canoes ($55) or schnorchel with humpbacks Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in New Zealand and Mexico

In New Zealand, an earthquake measuring 5.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. According to the National United States Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was at a depth of 46 km at a distance of 80 km to the north of the state capital city of Wellington. Reports of possible casualties or damage, as well as the threat of a tsunami due to the earthquake have been reported. Source: In Mexico, an earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale. According to the National United States Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was at a depth of 138 km at a distance of 35 km to the Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Australia iceberg the size of Hong Kong

At the end of November to New Zealand popped flotilla of icebergs, the approximate number of about 100 now to Australia sailed giant size iceberg, and to New Zealand, but again, too, does not move the small size of a block of ice. Antarctica is something apart. Ships in the South Pacific are threatening more than a hundred icebergs drifting toward New Zealand. These icebergs (the size of some of them is 200 m.) Were broken off from the Antarctic ice shelf, reports BBC News. Scientists believe that most of them will melt before reaching the islands of New Zealand, since the drift velocity is Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in New Zealand and off the coast of Portugal

In New Zealand earthquake. The strength of the tremors reached 4 points. This was reported in the National Seismological Service. Earthquake felt residents of the North Island. No injuries or damage information yet. New Zealand is part of the so-called Ring of Fire. This seismically active zones and volcanoes, including underwater. Every year, on the islands of the North and South is fixed to 14 thousand. Earthquakes. In the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Spain and Portugal today, an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 points. Information about damage and casualties yet. According to the National Geographic Read more [...]
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Earthquake in New Zealand

In New Zealand today, an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 on the Richter scale. According to the National Seismological Service, the epicenter of the quake at the depth of 11 km, 500 km south-west of the island Makvori. Reports of casualties or damage have been reported yet.


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In New Zealand earthquake damaged Parliament

The earthquake led to the formation of cracks on the roads July 21, 2013. In New Zealand, near the capital Wellington was an earthquake, which damaged the parliament building and caused a brief cessation of trains. 6.5 magnitude quake lasted about a minute. Its center was located 57 kilometers south of the coast at a depth of about 10 km. Authorities said there is no danger of a tsunami, despite the damage caused to buildings and power lines. The earthquake occurred at 17:09 local time, and the impetus was felt as far north up to the Auckland region.Damage In Wellington in many buildings Read more [...]
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Tropical cyclone «Rene» hit the Cook Islands

Tropical cyclone "Rene" hit located in the South Pacific Cook Islands. He is already assigned to a third category of risk. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully, New Zealand, the brunt of the elements came to the island of Aitutaki. According to preliminary data, about 60 percent of the buildings on the island destroyed, knocked down trees, damaged communication. "The Cook Islands have a good warning system of impending disaster, so locals and tourists have enough time to leave their homes and seek refuge in special centers," - said the Minister. "The New Zealand Government plans to Read more [...]
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Black dolphins washed ashore in New Zealand

Pilot whales or dolphins black - marine mammals of the order Cetacea. At a length of 8.5 meters, completely painted black, except for white spots under the chin in the shape of an anchor. At least 28 pilot whales, also called black dolphins jumped in the shallow water in the south of New Zealand, near Stewart Island, reports Agence France Presse. Local authorities and volunteers have done everything possible to save the survivors of mammals, but the strong wind and storm prevented people to help them. To rid weaken whales from suffering, it was decided to euthanize them. This is not the first Read more [...]
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A strong earthquake has occurred near the capital of New Zealand

August 16, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.8 occurred on Friday near the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Information on victims have been reported. According to the USGS, the epicenter of earthquake was 74 km South-West of Wellington. The earthquake at a depth of 10 kilometers. After some time in the region was registered with the aftershock of a magnitude of 5.7. As reported by the local newspaper Domininion Post in the incoming in the Metropolitan region town of Seddon the earthquake collapsed the building, in some areas of the South island have been power outages. The authorities Read more [...]
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On the beaches of New Zealand jumped 73 China

Last night on distant beaches of New Zealand jumped 73 China. As the \"\" reports with reference to the Associated Press, 58 animals were killed. The representative of the volunteer organization \"Project-ions, said that currently the volunteer rescue team trying to save the lives of the remaining 15 species of whales. He said that over the salvation of each animal are at least five people. All surviving whales are in serious condition. Source: Free Press Read more [...]
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The earthquake of 7.4 magnitude occurred in New Zealand

Residents of New Zealand in horror from the earthquakeNew Zealand authorities declared a state of emergency in connection with the earthquake. Power tremors exceeded seven points on the Richter scale. Reports of casualties and destruction come from the city Christchuch — one of the largest in the country. The earthquake of 7.4 magnitude occurred in New Zealand Photo: EMSC The earthquake of 7.4 magnitude occurred in New Zealand, reports the website of the U.S. Geological survey. Tremors were registered in 04.35 local time Saturday (20.35 GMT Friday). According to seismologists, Read more [...]
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A strong storm hit New Zealand

A violent storm struck new Zealand’s North island. As stated by the representative of the national weather service Philip Duncan, the brunt of the elements, bringing torrential rains that fell on parts of Peterstone and Wellington.

The velocity of the wind exceeds 135 km per hour. There are reports of victims. According to weather forecasts, in the next few days the weather will deteriorate.

Source: Radio Beacon

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A photographic survey of the earthquake in New Zealand

On Saturday 4 September in New Zealand earthquake capacity of more than 7 points. In the disaster collapsed buildings, cracked roads, and in some areas was interrupted supply of electricity, gas and water. By happy coincidence, no one died, but the new tremors continue to shake the South island of the country, and the authorities decided to extend the state of emergency.Pictures are clickable.The representative of the fire Department Chrischurch Mike Bowden says that several people were trapped in their own houses when the earthquake entrances and exits were blocked by fallen Read more [...]
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In New Zealand occurred more than twenty tremors

In the vicinity of the new Zealand city of Christchurch, where the 4 September earthquake force of more than 7 points, tonight was recorded about 20 aftershocks. According to scientists, in the area in the next few days it might be another strong earthquake. According to the mayor of the new Zealand city in which he lives about 350 thousands of people, Bob Parker, two of the night tremors reached power in 5,4 points, the others were weaker. As previously reported InterRight, the first earthquake 4 September, destroyed or damaged to 500 houses in the city. Fortunately, the death toll from the Read more [...]
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Terrible consequences in New Zealand. Photos

And the photo shows how the earth's plates moved 5 days in New Zealand occurred about 300 earthquakes. And the photo shows how the earth's plates moved. But all this brought terrible consequences, fortunately no one was hurt, not counting the fact that it was destroyed about 100,000 homes !Source: Pervik66 Read more [...]
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