05/18 in the bunkers of New Zealand

Look, it happens, the news, and you think, “Lord, this world doesn’t help, burn!” That’s only if he answers our prayers, then they will burn everyone. As they say, “Beat everyone,” and “Will go go to hell.” In the most banal way – taking shelter somewhere far away, far away from the pi

Official sources say:

Presidents, ministers, oligarchs and major businessmen are urgently buying land in New Zealand. Landscapes for families. The progress of work has been immigrated. Anonymous, the apocalypse will come.

That is, in a month …

Why in New Zealand? It has been a strategic value. There can be a lot of bunkers, you can easily find it. In short, a great plan, yes?

Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Baruch, the feds from the top. Rich bankers. Devilish British royal family. In short, the rich world. The fate of mere mortals.

And as we mentioned, they are already working on it. Thousands of hectares of territory were purchased, construction projects are underway, some have even been enclosed. With stocks for dozens, if not more, years. All this is ready, strike a match.

Do you think this is nonsense? Well, yes, on Google maps is not visible. And who decides what? Do you want to know about their activities?

Meanwhile, many large bankers have been traveling to “travel”. And the top of the federal intelligence service, too. It is a secret behind seven locks.

For nothing Elon musk so desperately trying to force the space program – they no longer have time. It is not necessary. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, other natural disasters. Full Apocalypse …

And only in the dist-distant world.

But no, not only. US, a former intelligence colonel, someone Drew miller, actively recruits rich supporters of their survival camps. If you go to hell. And yes, the camps have already been snapped up. Why would it be interesting?

05/18 in the bunkers of New Zealand

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