10 best credit card sized multitools

One of the best ways to expand your experience. EDC-set is to add a multitool to it. Most likely – in your karamany. You can, of course, use multitools such as trinkets for keys, but they are far from always convenient, especially if you’re using keys. But there is one more place where you can put a tool – a wallet. Especially for these sizes, the sizes are of standard credit cards. Moreover, this format allows you to even take stock, without cluttering up with the useful space. Edc multitools

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

If you are looking for a compact multitool Lever Gear Toolcard Pro. If you’re liberty, you’ll be able to make it yourself. You can even make a note of your wallet. (costs from 20 to $ 35)

Nite Ize Financial Tool

As the name suggests, it is not only placed in a wallet. In addition, it is less common. (costs from 10 euros)

Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

Company Boker It makes sure that it makes it easy to use it. 2 and a quarter inch credit card. It is also a piece of body that has been designed to be a removable clip and additionally strengthen the body. (costs from $ 35)

Wallet ninja

If you need an EDC multitool with maximum functionality, then look at this model. This is a dark card, including a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a bottle opener. It is made of special steel. Wallet ninja as a mobile phone stand can be used. (10 bucks for the multitool, another 5 for a removable clip)

Cha-O-Ha EDC Card

When this model first appeared on the kickstarter, it was quickly collected. And no wonder. Steel S35VN is one of the best stainless steels imaginable for an EDC multitool. This card has several wrenches, a screwdriver, a nail file and much more. ($ 50)

Victorinox Swisscard Lite

Victorinox – It wasn’t surprisingly, they’re also turned out well. Victorinox tools, including tweezers, scissors, a ballpoint pen, and even a small blade. (about 35 bucks, you can find cheaper)

Zootility Tools WildCard

Duelap lines. But there are several blades, a screwdriver, a bottle opener and a lever. If you want to go on a trip, then you’ll just need to go. (35 dollars)

Tuls Titanium Tool

Titan as a material for manufacturing can significantly improve your any tool. This also applies to EDC-multitools under consideration. This card is ideal for those who are used, even in terms of design, calculations and marking. Your next project. (from $ 30)

SOG Tool Logic Card Companion

If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, then you’ll need something else. In this EDC-multitool there are both tools and more specific ones, such as a can opener and tweezers. It is a very good idea to have a blade … (from $ 20 and up)

TIHK Urban Slim Tool

All EDC tools are designed in a wallet are thin. But some are much thinner than the rest. Screwdriver and a bottle opener. And, most interestingly – a set of simple master keys. So check in advance if it’s a tool for your area. (from 15 bucks)

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