10 best future bicycle concepts

Transport of the XXI century must be environmentally friendly and “healthy”. Therefore, the bicycle has increased dramatically in recent decades, especially in cities. There are more interesting ones.

Audi E-Bike

Audi E-Bike / © Audi

One of the most amazing electric bikes, or e-bikes. Presented by Audi in 2012. Almost completely made of durable carbon fiber. In one of the five modes – in the hybrid pedal + motor – can accelerate to 80 km / h. It is not necessary to replace the lithium-ion battery in the frame. Also, the Audi E-bike allows you to connect it via WLAN.


Sandwichbike / © PedalFactory Bike

“If you can make a sandwich, you can also make a bike sandwich” The company began to make a bike of sandwiches only in January 2014. Can you read in bicycle for 45 minutes.

Build Sandwichbike / © Youtube Sandwichbikes

Air-Purifier Bike

Air Purifier Bike work scheme / © Lightfog

This bike is not enough to carry the most environmentally friendly concepts. It was clear that it couldn’t have been a pollutant. It has been found that the system has been under the steering wheel of the megalopolis. The design of the working prototype has already begun.


Cojoy / © Pengtao Yu

The concept is at its earliest stages, the developer is the designer Pengtao Yu. It is a double bike. It would be obvious that in the past it would be possible to drive the car in a straight line. Youn’t be able to get anywhere. On the other hand, Cojoy can be used as a compatibility test for couples in love.


Helo / © Junkyo Lee

Probably the most anti-theft bike. Created by South Korean designer Junkyo Lee. Memorizes your biometric data and is locked with a 4-digit password. Hell acts like a jerk on the steering wheel frame. (Except to break them). However, helo will be strongly tilted to the side.

Cycle sol

Cycle Sol / © Miroslav Miljevic

For the Cycle Sol electric bike Indeed, Cycle Sol is powered by the Sun, but in addition to this, there are standard pedals in the concept. Miroslav Miljevic, a designer from London, but he still hasn’t waited for serial production. Probably, it would be a bit more fun to ride on the bike.


Nulla / © Bradford Waugh

Minimalistic futurism. Even the name saying: “nulla” is translated from Italian as “nothing.” There is no need for a car. Also, the bike is supposed to be made of light innovative materials. The concept was created at the project stage.


Bergmonch / © Digitallife

Bergmonch weighs 9 kg and can be carried in it. Suitable option for expeditions to the mountains.


ROOnighT / © Yong-Bum Lim / Park Jong-Soon

Bicycle nightlight, as it is also called glowing LED frame. He has a soft green light on it. Moreover, it can be used for devices where it can be laptops and smartphones. Designed by South Korean designers Yong-Bum Lim and Jong-Soon in the late 2000s, however, has not yet entered mass production.

Onyx Concept Bike

Onyx Concept Bike / © Peugeot

This is a futuristic concept from Peugeot that has been developed in recent years, but it is still a reality. It has been shown that it has been found that it can be used to make it.

Source – Naked Science

10 best future bicycle concepts

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