10 combat commandments of Shrek

1. Smash your enemy completely

Do not leave room for doubt. Kill them, kill them twice, make sure they are dead. Crush your enemy completely. Do not miss the little things. This is not a Bond movie where the enemy escapes with broken guts. Don’t waste a word. Kill them and make sure they are dead. If they are not dead, he will retaliate. Crush not only to fight. This is especially true of soldiers without honor.

2. Lead by example

If time is killing, kill first. Make your way first. If you’re going to be a bit better than me! “. 110%, just to fight next to you.

3. Treat everyone equally

As a warrior, remembering the ball. That vehicle did not repair itself. Your weapon works thanks to your gunsmith. Spend time with those around you. Get to know everyone personally. Will ensure that you will receive 110%.

4. Do not trust anyone completely

His dignity remains. But you can become his enemy tomorrow. It will be your weapon. It is always forgive when it comes to the warrior.

5. Take care of subordinates

Protect your subordinates to the last. Protect all enemies and fighters. For your fighters. It will be the same. Follow you even to the ends of the earth!

6. Teach everyone to be in charge.

This is the main task of every fighter – to become a teacher. You are a teacher. Do not hide any information, any skills from them. Will help him become a teacher. If you have 5 teachers, not 1 teacher and 4 students, this will strengthen your squad. If you are a real teacher.

7. Allow your subordinates to solve their own problems.

Always let your subordinates solve your problems or conflicts. And let you solve themselves. Watch every step to make sure that the problem is resolved and no one is killed. There will always be problems. It has been a problem.

8. Always let your students earn praise.

You can’t let your students make it. This is the greatest form of dishonor for another teacher. Being crushed by fighters of lesser status will haunt his eternity.

9. Never mine my armor

“Barbarians” always stink like trash. They will always drag and drop. Including babies and children. If you don’t want to wash your clothes, you will not cry. Babies, therefore, they are like a barbarian.

10. Do not fight in the shirt of another

Know where your personal equipment is and use it! Stir equipment of another warrior – against any military rules. He is not a warrior. This is a way to beheaded, and there is no honor.

The Author of The Commandments – Sergeant John McPhee, nicknamed Shrek (John “Shrek” McPhee), who served for more than 20 years in special operations units. This is the lead instructor at SOB Tactical.

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