10 cool and unique pocket knives

A pocket knife is a good thing. And although today compact multituly struggling to make it “one of …” in its arsenal, yet, through the efforts of designers and engineers, the original folding knives are enduring popularity. Those that we picked up today, for sure.

Terroir – classic french knife

Knife french laborersKnife french laborers

From the oyster farms of Arcachon to the vineyards of the Rhone Valley, for more than three hundred years you can find the classic Terroir knife in the pockets of all the hard workers of France. With the same knife, the legendary Canadian lumberjack Paul Bunyan, they say, sliced ​​bison meat. When they were still running. Well, you can buy it for just $ 19, and with a rosewood or olive handle.

Douk – Douk – French Legion Knife

Knife like van dammeKnife like van damme

A simple, functional and beautiful knife Duk Duk is well known in the former French colonies and, obviously, not from the most pleasant side. Because legionaries led by Van Damme did not bring peace and happiness to anyone. High-carbon steel blade with engraving, blackened handle plus halo of legend. And for only $ 44.

Peasant knife – a peasant knife from New Zealand

Knife New Zealand PeyzanKnife New Zealand Peyzan

The technology of heat treatment and forging steel for folding knives, used by shepherds and peasants from the hobbit country for over a hundred years, was brought to the islands by immigrants from Germany. According to experts, their quality falls to 80–90% of the best Japanese hand-forged blades. At the same time, the cost is several times less, only $ 20 per knife.

Anchor knife – German sea knife

Knife from Solingen - the world capital of blacksmithsKnife from Solingen – the world capital of blacksmiths

Fisherman’s folding knives in Northern Europe are dark and dark, in each country you will find a perfect copy for sure. But such as this – only where they know what quality steel and handicraft have been for almost 800 years. Solingen is a legendary city where everything can be classified as cutting tools and melee weapons. The cost of such a knife is $ 47.

British Army / Navy Knives – British Army Knives

Admiral Nelson's KnifeAdmiral Nelson’s Knife

Classic knives of the army and navy of Her Royal Majesty. Made entirely of steel and traditionally produced by the oldest Sheffield company – Ibberson. Available in two versions – with two blades and three. Price – 33 and 45, respectively.

Boker Whittler’s Penknife – the best knife for cutting wood

If you're the all-rounderIf you’re the all-rounder

If you are fond of wood carving, you know where to buy the best tool. At Boker. Quality steel from Solingen, various types of blades, a comfortable grip and original lining – all for $ 85.

Beretta Gentleman’s Knife – versatile folding knife

Beretta does not only trunksBeretta does not only trunks

Beretta has been producing weapons of all kinds for over five hundred years. Therefore, the small size of this pocket knife “for gentlemen” should not mislead anyone – it works as it should. Completely made of high-grade steel grade 440C, it does not interfere in your pocket and is excellent in business. Price – $ 109.

Italian Fisherman’s Knife – Italian Fishing Knife

Knife Italian fishermenKnife Italian fishermen

Yes, such a knife is unlikely to be lost sight of or even drown. Massive lining of pressed tube will not let go to the bottom, despite the quality steel, from which everything else is made – eight-centimeter blade and a classic opener. Great gift for fishermen and yachtsmen for $ 80.

Ueli Steck – folding knife for climbers

If going to conquer the HimalayasIf going to conquer the Himalayas

Folding knives from the famous Swiss company Wenger need no special introduction. But about the model Ueli Steck, created specifically for climbers, and you can talk. And not only because this knife costs $ 200. Lightweight and compact, with blades, screwdrivers and keys made of the best steel and enclosed in a titanium case, this knife is tested by the best Swiss athletes and extremals. Score – 5.

Real Japanese Folding Knife

Knife like gangsters from the movies KitanoKnife like gangsters from the movies Kitano

Here you need to have such an accessory for sure. A real Japanese folding knife, wrought-iron blade made of laminated high carbon blue steel, about 8 cm long and 3 mm thick in a solid brass body. Suitable for any use – even in everyday life, even in the workshop. And the price is only $ 32.

Steel arms

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