10 Disaster Survival Skills

In 2015, more than 2,600 Americans were victims natural disasters, forest fires, and extreme weather conditions. The damage was inflicted at 4.8 billion dollars. What is different survivors from those who are not so lucky? The answer is not limited to one thing. It is in the set survival skills in conditions natural disasters. Learn good you want. It can even become a funk.

For this and this list is invented. It covers basic and not very survival skills, matching both Swiss knife, turns you into an expert, able to control a wide range of incidents. I hope these skills never useful. As soon as possible, you can protect your family as soon as possible.

So top 10 survival skills at the time of the disaster:

Skill 1. Monitoring events on amateur radio

If you can send signals to landlines, GPS signals and a mobile phone. What will remain? Good old radios. Amateur radio – your window to the outside world. On the one hand, these are warnings about bad weather, You can even share them with others. surviving families in your area. It’s not just pushing buttons.

Knowing how to handle and maintain a radio is vital. survival skill. You can start with the usual amateur radio association. This organization offers many resources for learning. Do not forget to download local emergency services guide for free.

Skill 2. good health

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and provide first aid. American Red cross conducts workshops throughout the country. There is a lot of fun to do. first aid. At any level, teach the basics of sustaining life before arrival. Ambulance.

What to do when help does not come? The procedure will be required. Courses of paramedics, confirmed by the National Association of Technical Staff Ambulance, will help fill this gap and expand this survival skill.

Skill 3. The caveman of the fire with silicon

On TV, everything looks easy, but making fire is highly technical by skill. Cannabis tools real threat for the extraction of fire. At times even for an expert on survival Bear Grylls.

It is the best to choose two ways. making fire. For example, using flint and lighters. And practice until it becomes second nature. You must be able to keep in touch with you.

What are the different types of bonfires? You can optimize the fire for cooking, heating, heating, alarm and rescue services.

Skill 4. Creating an emergency shelter from improvised means

It is no longer possible for your family to flee. Asylum tarpaulin to a primitive hut. Anything better than the lack of protection from the elements.

Children are taught local shelter construction boy scouts. Adults can turn to the survival community. There are also many online resources on this subject.

Skill 5. Familiarity with the terrain

Forest or desert is this environment is filled with unique set of hazards and resources. You choose: work with it or fight?

Professional trips and more. Supervisors are sharing with the park. While survival guide US Army covers all aspects survival in any environment. Everything is clear enough even for family study.

Skill 6. Will never go hungry

“Living off the land” picking fruits and berries. AT Emergency days, weeks, or even hard labor. The body needs fuel to solve each problem. This means the inclusion in the diet of large amounts of protein and fat.

Game, bird and fish look delicious, but they all evolved, to avoid death from hunters. It will take training to catch them. If you haven’t mastered these skills – it’s time to start. You can join National rifle. Do not forget to check out the announcements for training. However, even during natural disasters state law must be followed. Consider the local hunting rules.

Skill 7. Family protection with firearms and safety precautions

No brainer that weapon necessary. Men defended their families with a firearm before the revolution. However, in inexperienced hands, pistol as dangerous as anything you encounter. National rifle association shooting gallery will introduce you to gun security and weapon handling lessons.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2013, there were 505 deaths from an accidental shot. firearms. Tragic, but this figure includes children. It serves as a reminder of a need to responsibly handle. weapons and store it in safe places, even in a locked chest. Make sure your whole family knows safety rules when handling weapons.

Skill 8. Practice: water purification and food preservation

For a few days. AT harsh conditions may even kill. To avoid this, master storage skills food and water. Get drinking water You can simply boil it a minute. But what if it doesn’t work make a fire? Need a backup plan.

Food preservation more complicated process. Smoking time and tested methods. Dry or canned foods. These skills master in the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP).

Skill 9. Be your personal mechanic and jack of all trades

If you need to move quickly. At first, carefully monitor the sensors on the dashboard. Next, fix the problem. Local educational centers offer relevant lessons. You can also find online courses, such as Autoshop 101 (Autoshop 101) or Basics of automotive repair and maintenance for dummies.

Your car is not the only thing that can break. What about amateur radio? Mother’s wheelchair? Part of the roof? You will increase your safety. A great resource is of the “How to … “(” How to “- start / master, etc. – approx. Translator). Hardware stores like

Skill 10. Gardening will provide a balanced and varied diet

With long survival hunting is not enough. Add your garden to your family. However, gardening requires planning and enough knowledge-skills. Choose a culture adapted to the local environment. Plant protection and protection. Land, fertile land and a stable water supply.

Garden and plant supply centers often offer lessons like the Swanson nursery. Gardening for dummies).

Final thoughts on survival skills

Everyone. Depending on where you live natural disasters, political instability and much more. I hope the suggested list survival skills it will be the starting point. It is necessary to overcome the crisis.

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10 survival skills that will help during a disaster

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