10 facts about the Marauder, a real survival car

Marauder considered the most protected car in the world. Armored car Marauder with mine protection developed by South African company Paramount Group, production of a computer plant.

Recently, I received a “new breath” – in 2015, a new breath.

With a mass of 9 tons, it’s possible to reach 100 km / h with a range of 700 kilometers. It’s an assortment of 300 hp.

For the assault rifle conditions for military equipment.

However, there are still 10 interesting points that make this car stand out.

10 facts about Marauder

  1. Depending on the configuration;
  2. He will travel another 500 km further;
  3. If you were on the road;
  4. It is + 55C or -32C;
  5. The ford is the swimmer of the car;
  6. It is clear that there is a distance of 50 km;
  7. The Marauder weighs 15 tons, but can carry up to 18 tons of cargo;
  8. It can be equipped with radio burglars, which makes it even more hated by all the terrorists in the world;
  9. Anti-blast seats protect mines and rocket attacks;
  10. With its maximum speed of up to 120 km / h, you can’t call it a hulking barge either.

This is a unique car.

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