10 ghost towns to visit

Man is an extremely rational being. However, it’s not a problem. Looks and periodically presents surprises, after which it becomes inexpedient to live in a certain territory.

Concept of technological disasters ghost towns. I couldn’t have been able to find a complete disrepair. It becomes the norm. And here are 10 of you ghost towns, who still partially survived.


Yeah. Talk about abandoned cities and not mention Pripyat? Yes, no life. Moreover, the spirit of the post-apocalypse is stronger than ever. And even if there is a periodically guided tours, it’s a worn out – Pripyat still remains ghost town. Some evidence are too expensive.


Namibia is a small African country. As usual, nothing interesting. Blacks, sand, heat. But in 1908, he took it. There is a large industrial center. But it’s a bit higher. Also, geologists made a mistake in calculating the diamonds that ended up stupid. Began to rapidly empty. It has been gradually absorbed by the desert.


In Japan, there are a huge number of islands. Some are habitable, and some are no longer. And Gunkajima is such a desert island. More precisely – ghost town, since the urban landscape covers it completely. It was discovered in the early twentieth century. Lots of coal. And that means – there are a lot of miners, workers and service personnel – only about 5 thousand people. But then the second World War happened. The people began to leave. And now only concrete piers and abandoned high-rise buildings indicate that people once lived here.


A planned economy. The number of such disadvantages can be attributed to a rather careless management of human resources. THE USSR. Forties of the last century. Kadychkan they found both. Gathering on the development, the mines grew. If not for the two “but”. It fell in. The mines were created in violation of safety. The authorities decided to destroy the authorities. One ghost town in Russia more.


There was such a good cognac in the USSR – “Agdam”. It was named after the city in Azerbaijan, where it was made. That is, yes. Large cognac and canning industry, agriculture, several technical schools, developed infrastructure. But the conflict began. It has been noted. At the moment there are only ruins left … Yes, the war turns even prosperous ghost towns.

Oradour sur glane

Also a good example of what war can create. Residents of the small village of France were accused of living and brutally destroyed. Those who are luckier are shot. It is a set of fire. And they were not lucky at all. No one survived. The memory of the victims of Nazism.


Turning conflicts in general are often ghost towns And even in our time it happens. 1974 The Turkish local quarter of the Varosha. NO ONE went there. Turks should not enter as looting can begin. The Greeks are afraid to return. So it is still a quarter, almost untouched and unloved.


At the end of the nineteenth century, the coast of China. Then there were some trowels that came under their control. But the army was not in a hurry to settle there. But local Chinese refugees – very much so. The number of times it has increased. Victorious communism. But a spontaneous settlement is a spontaneous settlement. No infrastructure, crime, drugs, prostitution. In short, a typical example of an anarchic anti-utopia. But in 1993, the city was partially destroyed.


Usual medieval town in Italy. It has been a great deal to make it happen. It was no longer possible. And then there were landslides, earthquakes and other natural disasters. So it still stands ghost town. A great decoration for filming historical films.


At the end of the twentieth century, the economy has developed. So, the authorities decided not to leave the capital (only 25 km away). Slightly futuristic, ultramodern, with excellent infrastructure. He was destined for the tourism business! But alas. In the 1980s, a crisis struck. It was not clear. At all. New investors could not be found. And more than 20 years unfinished ghost town Towered on the coast of Taiwan.

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