10 mistakes in first aid

In most cases, a set of knowledge about providing first aid It is not just useless, but it is also dangerous. For example, it is necessary to impose a tire on a fracture. What is the best idea? It turns out that it makes it impossible to use it.

It is the most comfortable for the victim. The limb is usually bent. Like this. Did you know about this? Hope so.

The most common stereotypes of rendering first aid laugh as a long-known thing. Or think. Or remember.

1. Himself perish, and comrade help out

This stereotype is tightly hammered into pieces, which desperately praised heroism and self-sacrifice.

No doubt, these qualities are important, valuable and sometimes even necessary. But in real life?

A simple example is a car crashed into a power line pillar. It is not terrible for him. And suddenly a hero rushes to the rescue. Reaches the car, not seeing the wire, and once – one more injured. It’s a bit of a bit of a creeper. Clearly, “how long?!”, In short – a mess, but why? It is a rule of thumb, first of all, you can’t help.

Assess the situation, call 01, 911, in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, if possible, refrain from extreme heroism. It may be better than one.

2. Get by any means

Continue the topic of roads and Accident. It is a scant of the crumpled and filled with water. At the same time voluntary lifeguards they have already been caught, they have already been caught spine. For experts, for experts, for experts, have been carefully dismantled. Six months in the hospital – and again on his feet. And now not. Now – lifelong disability. And all this is not special. All of the desire to help. So – do not. No need to portray lifeguards.

The actions of the witnesses of the road accident are reduced to the following:

  • call for help
  • it doesn’t flare up from a random spark,
  • fence
  • stop the bleeding from the victim
  • before the arrival of the doctors, just with a person … talk. Yes, psychologically support, distract, encourage, joke in the end.

The wounded should feel like it.

It is only possible to make a difference. For example – when the car caught fire.

3. Tongue to the collar

Remember this bike? It is not a question of what kind of a person can use. And it did, and did. Good picture – so wake up from fainting, but with the tongue out? Yes, in an unconscious state of a person always has a tongue. Yes, it should be. But not the same barbaric method! Have you ever tried a person’s tongue out of his mouth? Not? Try it. It is soft, it wants to remain stretched out. And it is unhygienic.

To release the airway from the sunken tongue, a person simply turn to the side. All – airways open.

It is soothing to sleep on the street. Put it on its side – and nothing, oversleep. But he fell asleep on his back, then he lost his life.

It is impossible to find a person once more, simply tilt his head back. It’s enough.

4. Plait on the neck

By the way, this is quite possible. Harness the neck is superimposed, but through the arm. But it’s not about that. With the harmony of our people, the relationship is quivering and tender. Hentai is in every first-aid kit, citizens rush to burn. For the same time, it can be used for two. And they know that blood is darker in color than arterial blood. It doesn’t seem to be possible.

Remember – tow applies only to stop arterial bleeding.

How to distinguish it? Well, certainly not the color of blood. It is not always distinguishable, and then there is a stressful situation. Easy to make a mistake. However, it is not clear. If we translate in the atmosphere, then we get about 1.4. That is – almost one and a half. Now imagine that the water comes from a small atmosphere. Figured what the fountain will be? That’s it.

It is for pressure and height blood fountain arterial bleeding is unmistakably recognized. It goes impossible to go to hesitate So take off your belt. Immediately quickly squeeze, even with your finger. Where In places where the body of the body is less and less covered – groin, armpits.

If you are a woman, then you need to wait for it. And as soon as possible in the hospital.

It can be seen. It is better to write a note on the victim’s forehead. It’s more likely that you’re the body guy.

But venous bleeding pressure bandage. It doesn’t matter. This is, among other things, that it will reduce the risk of blood loss by weight.

5. Burn the burn grease

Imagine that we are 80% water. What is a burn, if we take into account these data? The skin goes to the skin and goes deeper. What does the banal logic tell us? To joules the back of the burn. After all, right? And just like that.

Pour cool water on the burn and wait.

But we are not enough. As a rule – until the pain is less than a minute. During the time of the joule How do we develop events? Thickly smear the place of the burn panthenol, cream, kefir or grandmother’s recipe – oil and salt. What’s happening? Above the cushion, there is a lot of freedom. As a result, the burn is aggravated. But if there was enough patience for another 10-15 minutes, there would be a completely different conversation. If you’re already removed, you’re already removed.

6. Spread his ears

One of the winter time is frostbite. If you’re rubbing with hands or snow, you’ll get it. Why is it so painful? Yes, because our body (forgive the simplification) blood vessels, and the second – nerve endings. It becomes fragile. And we begin to rub. And crush-break small tubes. After all, even a bottle of beer, frozen in the freezer, with a transfer of heat can burst. And so gentle blood vessels …

Therefore – no need to rub. It is necessary to warm slowly.

Cool or lukewarm water. It is not so severe.

7. Odor – we will warm

Remember how it happened when high temperature – he is hot, and chills. I love you to keep your hair down, make it out. just harmful, but deadly.

Chills at a high (gt; 38) temperature indicates only one thing. The body overheats. He needs cooling down;

As a result – a personal thermos, in which the body heats up more and more. In the case of the death of the mark of 41, and then the temperature of death followed. Infrequently, but it happened. So it is not necessary to wrap up. It is necessary to cool.

Cool bath, light blanket, wet rubbing … lose heat.

It will be much easier.

8. Bank with manganese

So here. Did you know that? manganese completely dissolved in water only at a temperature of about 70 degrees? If you’re trying to give you a drink of water, it’s not a problem. potassium permanganate can you make a lot of troubles in the stomach mucous?

Do not waste time and chemicals – for stomach cleaning 3-5 glasses of warm water and induce vomiting.

9. Knock-pat

His man choked What are people doing? Naturally, help him – knocking on the back. But why do they do it? It is a scorching effect that throat takes off. Now imagine a drainpipe. We throw a cat in there (it is clear that we can’t get it). What will you think of it? Similarly with our piece – in ninety-nine cases, the person clears his throat. But in one case, it will make it possible to reduce the risk of injury. Therefore – no need to knock. Even if asked.

It is much easier breaths and sharp exhalation.

When it comes to a horizontal position. Three or four such breaths – and coughing will increase. The piece flies by itself, simply and safely.

10. Unclench his teeth

This is probably the most common and most legendary misconception that millions of people really believe.

This is an unshakable confidence epilepsy attack, put something in between. Beauty! And after all – they are trying, at least. It can be understood that the epileptics can be understood.

So: do not! It is not easy for him. Make it worse. After all, good-willed? It can be his tongue. Three times “ha”! So that you know – during the attack. Including the language, which is a muscle. It doesn’t need to be between the teeth. Maximum – the tip will be bitten. At the same time, there is not much blood, but it is mixed with the foamed saliva. In general, do not climb with knives, forks, spoons.

Kneel at the head epileptic There are no strikes on the ground.

Such attacks are much more dangerous than a hypothetical prokushennogo language. It is a time when he has to go on the road. It is possible to relax it. language dropping.

Such are the harsh realities of our unsafe life. It is the most important medical law is: “Do no harm!“We will be a healthier.”

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