10 most common poisonous wild berries

Modern people have long It is a good idea to eat poisonous berries for a lot of people. If you’re not getting enough, you’ll get lost.

It is a rule of thumb for animals that have been consumed by animals. This suggests that the berries are more likely to be edible. It is dangerous to humans. As a rule, these colors are a spherical shape, which resembles a cherry.

Blackberry, lingonberry, bird cherry, barberry, blueberry, white and black mulberry, black elderberry, blueberry, cornel, boneberry, juniper, cloudberry, sea buckthorn, blackberry, cranberry, prince man since childhood. In addition to saturate your body with vitamins.

But these “comrades” should definitely beware. Here is a list of the most common poisonous wild berries.

Poisonous berries

1. Crow Eye (completely poisonous berry)

It is easily recognizable by oval leaves, although there are five or six. Blossom in late spring. This shade-loving plant is negatively affecting the human body.

2. Wolf bast (aka wolf ivy, wolfberry, or wolfberry)

This is a small solitary shrub that blooms in April and May. It can cause a headache. Sometimes it causes a runny nose, sneezing and coughing. The plant can not be touched, especially berries.

3. Bitter sweet (red ovoid berries) and black nightshade (black or green berries)

It blooms from May to late August. The green leaflets have been found to be harmless. The plant is poisonous, contains poison – solanine.

4. Belle

Despite its catchy name and appearance, the plant is very dangerous. It is also called “Sleepless dope” or “Mad Cherry.”

5. White snowberry (Cristy)

It is not a problem in any case! They can grow on their skin

6. Warty euonymus

The reddish pear-shaped box is easily recognizable by its fruit. She, like most previous berries, inedible. It has been shown that it has been shown.

7. Cicuta

It smells like parsley, in appearance – a tall white bush a la umbrella. Usually it grows in swamps, ditches, along rivers, and often in water. The plant is highly poisonous, especially rhizome!

8. Marsh calf

By name it is clear that it’s close to the water. If you are looking for a flower, it is a very graceful plant.

9. Elderberry

Shrub or small tree 3-7 m tall with obvious blue fruits. Flowers are poisonous flowers and elderberry leaves

10. May lily of the valley

Spring flowers, cannibalism, cannan be dangerous
Be attentive and enjoy your forest walks!

10 most common poisonous wild berries

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