10 most poisonous spiders of Russia – karakurt and other dangerous species

Poisonous spiders of Russia – the phenomenon is not so rare. Meeting with them can result in quite big troubles, even a hospital bed and even death. The latter rarely happens and then in the case of untimely or incorrectly provided assistance.

  • The most poisonous spider of Russia
    • 1.1 Appearance
    • 1.2 Habitat
    • 1.3 Effects of a bite
    • 1.4First help
  • 2Other venomous spiders of Russia
  • 3 First aid for spider bites

The most poisonous spider of Russia

There are no disagreements among specialists or ordinary people and there can not be. Karakurt – of all representatives of arthropods living in the open spaces of our country, the only one whose bite can be fatal.


The danger to humans is only females, reaching sizes of 15-20 mm. They have two distinctive signs that do not allow to confuse Karakurt with other representatives of arthropods. On the upper side of the black abdomen exactly 13 bright spots or points. Of course, there is no time to count them, but the very combination of black with bright spots should serve as a signal to danger. On the underside of the abdomen is one bright spot in the form of an hourglass.

Spider karakurtHabitats

Karakurt heat-loving. They live in the Southern Urals, in the Caucasus and in the Black Sea regions. Recently, however, the habitat of this spider has spread to more northern areas of Russia, including the Moscow region. They explain this by global warming, but more optimistic scientists believe that this happens only in very hot years, and not always.

Consequences of a bite

Karakurt, which has a very strong poison, unlike other spiders, is very aggressive and bites not only for self-defense. He can purposefully attack, so not only to tease, but also to approach him with great caution. The bite itself is very painful, and after 10-15 minutes the pain spreads all over the human body and becomes almost unbearable.

With untimely assistance, which consists in the introduction of a special serum, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, fever, headache and dizziness, tremors, heavy sweating, feeling of heaviness in the chest can develop.

Effects of a spider biteFirst aid

The only thing that can be done for the victim is to bring him to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Other poisonous spiders of Russia

In the open spaces of the Russian Federation, you can also meet with other representatives of arthropods who can, if not kill a person with their bite, then cause a lot of painful sensations.

  • South Russian tarantula. The poison of this rather large spider, reaching 30 mm in length, is not lethal to humans. However, the bite site quickly swells up and hurts a lot. An allergic reaction is possible in the form of rashes and redness of the skin, accompanied by itching and burning in places of scratching.


  • Phalanx (worm). One of the few spiders, after the bite of which it is recommended to suck off the wound. Has no toxic poison of its own, but will definitely carry the infection, causing the wound to inflame. Shows activity only in the dark, but does not specifically bite, only as a defense.


  • Phalanx (worm). One of the few spiders, after the bite of which it is recommended to suck off the wound. Has no toxic poison of its own, but will definitely carry the infection, causing the wound to inflame. Shows activity only in the dark, but does not specifically bite, only as a defense.

  • Spider spider Quite a small spider, dangerous, like the previous representative of arthropods is not poison, but the possibility of infection in the wound.

    bag spider

  • Black fathead. The most peaceful of dangerous spiders. If you do not touch it and do not pick it up, it prefers to hide. However, if it bites, the wound will hurt for at least a day.

    Black fathead

  • Argiope. The bite of this striped spider is very dangerous. An allergic reaction to the poison can turn into deep and heavy boils, deterioration of the general condition and other unpleasant symptoms.


As you can see, poisonous spiders are far from uncommon in Russia, but only karakurt female should be very afraid. With the consequences of bites from other representatives of arachnids, you can completely cope and independently. However, a visit to the doctor is strongly recommended.

First aid for spider bites

Not everyone can distinguish one type of spider from another, despite the fact that the colors and patterns on the abdomens are different. And in size and length of the legs, they all differ from each other. However, people often start to panic and just do not pay attention to how their abuser looks.

Symptoms in most cases begin to appear fairly quickly and first aid should also be swift, but thought out.

  1. The first thing to do is wash the wound with soapy water.
  2. The next step is to prevent the spread of poison. This is achieved in two ways: you should immobilize the affected limb with a tire and apply a tight bandage above the bite, thereby reducing blood circulation.
  3. A cold compress should be applied to the wound itself, which will also delay the action and spread of the poison.
  4. Increased drinking will also be a reducing factor. And also help to remove the poison from the body.
  5. In order to relieve painful symptoms, you can give an injured aspirin pill.

Having done all this, you should not calm down. To deliver the victim to the doctor, even if he is a few kilometers away, it is necessary. In the clinic and help will be more qualified and will be able to take emergency measures in case of complications.

Of course, you can add some more aspects, highlighting the question: are there poisonous spiders in Russia and what to do if you are confronted with them. But this information will be for specialists. Simple people need to remember that playing and having fun with spiders is not worth it. But just like that, they also should not be destroyed.

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