10 most reliable and popular body armor

Since the onset of interpersonal conflicts, humanity has used tricks to protect itself. At first, people used primitive armor, like a wooden shield. But man evolved, and after him the armor was improved.

Then they were leather, then today they turned into body armor – a decent protection against firearms. Body armor for today.

1. Protective suit sapper “Dublon”

Protective suit sapperProtective suit sapper “Dublon”

ZKS “Dublon” was created in 2000. But at the moment he was in the world, surpassing foreign corre. The creator of “NII Steel” annually modifies the quality of “Dublon”. It consists of 50 titanium plates. Dublon is a scooter of shots from a sub-gun and a sniper rifles. It has one of the largest anti-shatter protection factors.

2. Bulletproof vest BKZ 6 / 3-6a

Bulletproof vest BKZ 63-6aBulletproof vest BKZ 63-6a

BKZ, not one of the best body armor. Domestic development 100% will protect against bullets in caliber 7.62 and from sniper shots. Also, the suit will be blown with a 45-joule bayonet. BKZ fully protects the body while it weighs 12 kilograms. This is one of the most popular body armor in the world.

3. IBA (Interceptor Body Armor) “Interceptor”

IBA (Interceptor Body Armor)IBA (Interceptor Body Armor) “Interceptor”

The interceptor body armor is an American design. The fabric is made of fabric “Twaron”. A twiron case helped to reduce the weight of 20%, so its weight is 11.5 kilograms. 9.19 and 7.62.

4. Assault suit “FORT Rosich”

Assault suitAssault suit “FORT Rosich”

The latest Russian development. Special forces units are safe and ergonomic. Any special additions. Kilograms is the main feature of the body armor.

5. IOTV – Improved Outer Tactical Vest (Advanced Tactical Outdoor Wear)

IOTV - Improved Outer Tactical Vest (Advanced Tactical Outdoor Wear)IOTV – Improved Outer Tactical Vest (Advanced Tactical Outdoor Wear)

The development of the US Armed Forces. Since 2009, began to be used by the NATO military forces. Well protects against automatic bullets, has many additional plates. If you are a soldier is wounded. IOTV design is distributed throughout the body. Armed Forces.

6. Assault body armor “6B43”

Assault body armorAssault body armor “6B43”

It has been the protection of the armor-piercing bullets. It can withstand temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees. Mass varies from 5 to 15 kilograms depending on additional elements.

7. MTV – Modular Tactical Vest (Modular Tactical Body Armor)

MTV - Modular Tactical Vest (Modular Tactical Vest)MTV – Modular Tactical Vest (Modular Tactical Vest)

Early version of IOTV. It is still in service in some parts of the US Armed Forces. It has characteristics slightly lower than IOTV. Reliably protects against 9×19 caliber bullets and shrapnel. The weight of 14 kilograms is inconvenient.

8. Breastplate Universal

Breastplate universalBreastplate universal

Body armor that is used daily by the police. It is a different configuration. The composition of the armored plates consists of ceramics and armored steel. Easy to fit to any body. The weight of the body armor is 14 kilograms.

9. Dragon Skin – “Dragon’s Skin”

Dragon skin -Dragon Skin – “Dragon’s Skin”

The most unusual American development. This is a combination of round centimeters and a thickness of 6 millimeters. Tests have shown that he is well kept shots from the M16. But he didn’t protect against the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Product weight – 7 kilograms.

10. Corsair mZ

Corsair mzCorsair mz

Body armor consists of four systems for quick removal. Corsair is made of durable material. Plates can withstand any bullets without a heart tip. The simple design has a weight of 8 kilograms.

The design of the MOLLE system is embedded in it.


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