10 multitools that are allowed in airplanes

Travel generally rarely goes as you would like. But losing your favorite multitool right at the airport, perhaps one of the worst beginnings. It is extremely useful and multifunctional tooling. There is a great idea.

Therefore, we picked up the top 10 multitools, specially designed to easily pass through airport checks. But first, a small remark …

How to avoid airport security?

One of the ways you can keep your multitool for EDC – to disclose it for inspection.

If this doesn’t work, then we advise you to have an envelope. And you just pack multitool and send it to your home or friends.

But multitools, standards adopted at airports. However, problems, theoretically, may still be dangerous. If you’re so morally ready for this.

1. Griffin Pocket Tool

Sometimes the simpler the design, the better. And this multitool is an excellent proof of that. But it’s a screwdriver, a wrench, an opener and a small screwdriver. AT Griffin pocket tool You can choose between brass, titanium or stainless steel, depending on what you need. This can be used as a suspension for keys.

2. Victorinox Jetsetter 3

This tool is not just good. Of knives. But since this is not a single blade in it. Even fine toothpicks, which may be considered dangerous, in Victorinox Jetsetter 3 also no. But short scissors (their length doesn’t exceed the allowed), a screwdriver and a can opener – it’s all there.

3. Leatherman Style PS

Lezerman has a huge number of different multitools, It is exactly what you need. It is a scriber, it can be surprisingly effective for its size. Stainless steel Leatherman Style PS There is no space for your pockets. And it weighs only 44 grams.

4. NiteIze DooHicKey

The multitool – do not even look like tools. But if you look closely, you can find this tool of stainless steel. In short NiteIze DooHicKey – You can’t be suspicious.

5. Gerber Shard

This multitool – one of the most common options. Lack of edges Gerber shard a flat screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, a flat screwdriver and a bottle opener

6. Gerber Dime Travel

Classical multitool for EDC. 10 tools, including pliers and scissors, which can be placed compactly on your key ring. Gerber Dime Travel less than 3 inches in length and weighs almost nothing.

7. BigIDesign TPT

This titanium pocket multitool – one of the latest developments of the company Bigidesign. Ultra-compact, lightweight, durable, multifunctional – in TPT more than 7 different tools. There is even a stroporez. And it’s a removable blade.

8. CRKT Viva

If you want to keep yourself in your pockets, then this multitool help you with this. He will be patiently wait until it is needed. Only 4 inches of stainless steel, but CRKT Viva there is a carbine, and a screwdriver, and a wrench.

9. SOG PowerLock Traveler

Not all multitools for travel in different sizes. This tool didn’t even try to reduce. So you get full-fledged pliers, a screwdriver, a can opener, a wire cutter and much more. And to heap SOG Powerlock Traveler made of high quality stainless steel.

10. Zootility Tools Wildcard

It is the easiest way to carry your wallet. And this multitool, It is a small blade and screwdriver. Moreover, Zootility Tools Wildcard When you leave the plane.

Original article – The Best TSA Approved Multi-Tools for Travel


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