10 reasons why Survival Courses kill

The theme of survival is now more fashionable than ever. Fans of fans around the world. It is a combination of ways to make it possible. There are those who decided on the topic survival earn gold, someone even created survival courses.

Everyone approached this question creatively. The client didn’t have the rest. An example is the knife of the survivalist. Military tourist collections. And someone started from scratch. For example, Bear Grills to follow. And not only. Few people know what the Mishka is, besides eating any rules in the BBC programs, also leads survival courses in Britain and the USA.

There are such survival courses and with us. They are trained in training, but not in all. And so sometimes it happens that graduates survival courses, Having to go to the forest, where they die stupid and not interesting. Here are a few reasons why: survival courses are being killed.

Reason 1: The coach is a tourist, or a former military man, or both.

Well, these guys are flint! From such nails do! So? So, not so.

Tourist – this is only a person who walks, rallies, climbs in different places. Of course, he has (must be) some kind of experience. Specific. Again, what is it special for? Maybe he went around all the museums of Milan and Palermo. Or sunbathed on all the beaches of Antalya and Hurghada. This is also tourism. Another thing is mountain or hiking. Serious climbing and categorical routes. When struggle with the elements It is a little bit to get out.

Remember how Vysotsky wrote:

Who has not been a risk
He himself did not experience
Even at the bottom, he snapped stars from heaven …

This is it about the mountains. It is possible that it will burn it away from it.

Reason 2: Coach – Military

Here, as with tourists: military military strife. Although we are trying to prove something else. Do you think they teach survival skills gunners? And the pilots? A service mat-tech support? And scouts?

The correct answer is the pilots are taught, the rest are not. All men are given these skills. Do you want to guarantee your knowledge?

Reason 3: This is a commercial event.

Kom-mer-ches. Do you understand what this means? Let’s talk all the same. This means that you are at work. He is responsible for your life and health. therefore real hazards will not be. Who knows what? Your training (or lack thereof) depends on the coach and his self-confidence. Not to be confused with professionalism.

Or maybe you’ll get in a situation like this. What are we going to do now? .. ” Training It didn’t work.

Of course, some extreme you will get. For example, a parallel crossing over the river. How are you survivalist fiery thanks to his page in fb. As you know, this is a sarafanka.

Reason 4: minimum of time

Survival course on average lasts 2-3 days (or even less).

Consider 3 full days – 72 hours. Of these, 24 – sleep, 12-15 – hozbyt. 6-10 hours to rest and inaccuracies. 23-30 hours left for training. Less than a third. For a round trip. Build a shelter and light a fire. In the shortest possible time. It is also necessary to tell the theory. So it turns out: survival theory There are rules, but we can’t make it impossible to use it in practice.

Reason 5: lack of working off or minimum practice

This is a reminiscent of the last century. Coil Often, the teacher himself never conducted this experience in practice. Only seen in training videos. But it is not important. Learning, as they say, do not roll bags.

So it is with us. There is a chance that you will be on fire. I put the branches, tied them up, and overlaid them with lapniknik, that’s the hut. Probably so it appeared sofa vivals.This is an extremely limited time frame. Remember, we counted: 20-30 hours.

Reason 6: The Coach

There are a million solutions. On survival courses show:

  • 1-2 types of fire;
  • 2 ways of making fire;
  • 1 type of shelter.

For the one who came for the extreme – more than enough. Those who are hoped to gain knowledge should not be least disappointed.

This may be several. For example,

  • limited knowledge of the coach (he knows only a couple of ways / options);
  • saving time.

It’s not a decision-making solution. In different ways.

Reason 7: the lack of scientific and copyright developments

Often survival instructors they learned one moment: they learned something 10-10-20 years ago, they’re reached. No mastery, no learning anything new. But it was 5-7 years ago that it was often no longer relevant. It is a primus of 1800 shaggy year of release. It has long been invented trekking boots and gas torches weighing + – 100 grams! Learn new, learn and practice something new. It is easy to find out how to use new ones. Oh well.

The same story with the creation of a scientific base. The instructors are saved in order to save lives. What can you do? As we remember, they have a commercial event. From this reason the following follows.

Reason 8: in the learning process

There are hundreds of thousands of people. (Theory of inventive problem solving). I mean many survival programs built on the principle “by all means”. The program has a concrete foundation, around it course from course to course, year after year. Even the jokes are honed and inserted into the explanation. If something happens, if something happens I think in his eyes. The most important thing in survival process.

Reason 9: The Illusion of Knowledge – The Illusion of Security

The theory without practice is dead. Practice without theory is blind.

Let’s imagine the feelings of a graduate survival courses it is cool, brutal, pumped, it is undoubtedly cool. Though a hooligan, even a bear. Just like you and me! He has a lot of knowledge, 3 carriages of impressions and even practical experience. Positive practical experience. It is important that a person should succeed. And now, our superhero after a couple of months turned up in the woods. For mushrooms went. And lost. Do you think he has a flint, a rub and everything else? Did he take the naz, the edc-set, the knife with him? More likely no than yes. Not to mention that 90% of the knowledge gained is forgotten in the first 48 hours.

Reason 10: teach only survival in the forest

Oddly enough, but the forest is not the most common habit of modern man. Go for the kebabs. A modern resident rarely appears in such an inhospitable place as a forest. More often the hamster-sapiens chooses a city as its abode. In a pinch, the village. So, ways to survive not all affect safety in the city. But it is not so interesting and emotional. If you’re a little girl, you can’t talk about it. But city ​​survival – This is a dry practice and calculation.

Final thoughts

This is not a complete list. But it reveals the main problems of mankind survival courses. It does not apply to any specific courses. It’s not a problem. It is not your business.

I by no means urge to stop attending these courses. It’s fun. And sometimes useful. But for you, as a client, it must also be safe. First of all, when you have gained knowledge. Although I’m lying. I’m not sorry for you. You’re crazy survival courses, when it comes to help with TNT. Pity the nerves of the old woman.

10 reasons why Survival Courses kill

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