10 rules of close combat – CQB from Israeli special forces. Part 2

Welcome to the continuation of the series “Top 10 Unwritten Rules of Melee”! In the past, we have talked about it. Terms CQB (Close Quarters Battle), or CQC (Close Quarters Combat), it’s not a problem. so on. A stretchclose combat“Because of the ubiquitous walls, doors, corridors and houses,

Before we continue, we’ve been reminded or even not known.

3. “Separate” the attention of the enemy

I will be honest. This is a technique of professionalism. Separation, distraction, dispersion OODA loop (observe – orient – decide – act, or, in Russian, cycle NORD – observation, orientation, decision, action) is one of the most important principles CQB, especially when it comes to your opponent. However, I will give you more general example.

When we’ve been trained, we’re trained

  1. One of the firearms can be seen from the heavy, automatic or sniper weapon.
  2. Slow down for a while.
  3. In the case of firearms, it’s possible to use it.
  4. Breaking the cycle OODA It’s our commander’s command

When I served in IDF (Israel Defense Forces – Israel Defense Forces, IDF – Com.), First year CQB, for corpuses and rectangular rooms. And there he was, he immediately kneeled to the alleged opponent. However, it’s not a problem. Almost a death sentence.

Why is it important to highlight this problem? It’s been 3 minutes away from the firefights.

Common problems with the knee stand:

(A) wounds

Before you proceed to the injuries, we’re very briefly explain the difference between the so-called zones and the switch.

Trigger zone (trigger zone) – chest and everything below. We call it a “trigger” to get rid of it. But may not achieve the desired.

Off zone (switch zone) – neck and higher. One song in this area – and, count, the song is sung. “I got a hell of a day” …

Let’s go back to the injuries. It is not only the loss of his mobility, the fighter, or his head. Guess what it will lead to?

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Rifle training

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