10 Shattered Survival Myths

Without a doubt preparation for survival very popular and relevant today. Books, TV shows, broadcasts, sites on the Internet. People’s ways to survive. Paracord bracelet on his arm. Many keep stocks of food, water, fuel, weapons, and then suddenly what will happen. However, if you’re not bringing them in, it’s a good idea. If you are not ready for it.

There is a downside to popularity. survival topics. In the world of the public.

What to do? Carefully filter the information and “knowledge” that you are offered. It is just a couch expert.

Let’s look at the 10 most popular tips and survival basics, it is true.

1. Fire is very easy to get

Yes, if you have a match or a lighter in your pocket. Even with a flint of skill is needed. Kindle fire without all of this is quite difficult. Attempting to make fire by friction. Experienced survivors It is a fact that it can make it a lot more. Humidity, the final result. You are a master of making fires at the camp site survival myth it is easier than ever. Wear a pair of disposable lighters, they save a lot of nerves.

2. Food extraction has top priority

No, not the first. Food avoiding your own death:

  • detection and extraction of drinking water
  • building shelter
  • building fire
  • sit down and calm down a bit

you can think about food

It can be a matter of It is not worth it.

3. Running water is safe to drink.

Perhaps it’s not a risk. That is this survival myth not always a myth. It’s a funky way to travel. . Crystal clear stream, far from civilization, can be dangerous. Bacteria, protozoa, viruses and other harmful “living creatures” – to get inside your body. Drank raw water? Get ready for diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. I don’t need to tell you about it. “Get up your body”. So boil water, use filters, water purification tablets, etc.

4. Hypothermia can be only where the climate is cold

You just get wet and get hypothermia. It doesn’t matter where you are, in the jungle, in the desert, or in the tropics. Try to avoid your body temperature. Do not sleep on the bare ground. Make a fire, warm up, dry clothes if wet. If you have several people, it will be warmer. Most importantly, do not believe this survival myth – Do not think that hypothermia is threatened by snow and blizzards.

5. You can eat wild plants to survive

In principle, yes, you can eat anything. It is not a problem for you with anything good. It is a fact that when you quest, you can’t tend to zero. Even if your survivor team It is a specialist in plants. Everyone can be wrong. Instead of rereading a paragraph of two. Try to avoid them altogether.

6. Moss helps to determine the direction of the world.

Sometimes yes, but you shouldn’t rely on this method completely. Moss, oddly enough, you can grow on the north, and even on the east. If you blindly believe this “advice”, then you can’t get it. Moss usually grows where shade, cool and damp. It is blocked by moss can be anywhere. It is safer and not difficult. Relatively relatively open areas.

7. You can quickly get food

It is not a problem at all. With this approach, growl belly with hunger. It is no guarantee that you will get something to eat. What then to talk about survival without all this? The fish will not come running, but the fish will not swim, rather the opposite. Nevertheless, the master of production of animals and fish. It is more important.

8. Awning or tent.

Well, from rain and falling snow – yes, it will protect. But without hypothermia, it will not keep you waiting. Beginning, from the bottom, to speak. Make it a bit better. Consider the bed will run. This is a heat save. Then build a roof, there is no need to explain anything, everything is clear. That’s just after all this, take the walls. It’s a little bit less than that.

9. Snake venom after bite must be sucked

Snake venom enters blood almost instantly after being bitten. Calling for professional medical assistance. Moreover, the “helper” is the mucous membrane. In general, I was a bitten by a snake – run for doctors, set aside amateur activities. Don’t let it survival myth hurt you

10. I read a lot of things, so I know how to survive

You are not afraid of anything. Yeah of course. The best preparation is training and personal experience. Even the simplest person could not stand out for balance. Any tool, method or method requires mastering in practice, with your own hands. If necessary, it can be necessary to take care of it. Plus, and in this weather. Practice and practice again, try your own skin. If you’re a little bit It will help you.

We hope this information will be useful to you. It is interesting to read. Take care of yourself.

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10 Shattered Survival Myths

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