10 survival skills to teach your child

It is a fact that there is no problem. Situations. Therefore, it is important to survival skills in the wild. Children lost in unusual conditions. Do not assume this. Do not measure all the modern childish infantile kids who are only able to poke smartphones. For the women of the last century. The whole thing in the right education, which already depends on you. At a minimum, give the children the right example. But something we digress. So 10 survival skills, which you have to teach your child.

1. Orienteering

Basic survival skill. Compass is and a map. and be able to navigate on them. It is located on the riverside. Is it difficult? Not. There are also a lot of additional knowledge.

2. First Aid

It was happened to some adults. Loss of consciousness, trauma. It’s possible, perhaps, yours. This is a quick and easy way. If you happen to know how to make it happen, then you need to take or give out such as such pills. What if you broke your arm? Can a child remember this? It is necessary to learn the rules of the game.

3. Meeting with wild animals

There are wild animals or snakes. Most often, it is the snake. It is clear that it should be noted. It is also worth getting rid of them. This survival skill he certainly will come in handy.

4. Making fire

If you’re watching, then you’ll be able to keep yourself alive. And yes, it is extremely difficult. It is not a survivor. Therefore, teach him how to make a fire. Of course, it’s necessary, and it’s works.

5. Campfire

You can find in principle. After all, you can stupidly fail to cope with your knowledge. It is also possible to use it for a long time (for cooking). This survival skill It can be critical if it comes to a fire.

6. The construction of the shelter

Logically continue our situation. The beasts are gone, the night is coming. We need to make some kind of shelter in case of rain. It can hardly be built. Spruce branches (hello ticks) Also an important component of this survival skills where is the shelter can be put, and where is the dangerous.

7. Water production

Due to an extreme situation, the body begins to lose significantly more than normal. Therefore, it is extremely important survival skill. It can be drunk. It is necessary to add microbes, parasites and poisoning. It is normal to explain, It is a good way to extract water using condensation.

8. Search for pasture

Honestly this survival skill extremely useful, but also very very dangerous. It’s not a survivor. It is the following guidelines. If you are a fish, you can’t get it.

9. Physical training

Perhaps the most main survival skill, you need to teach him. You need to be sure that your And noc, forcibly writing to you. But by personal example – very much so. Seriously, you should follow the rules. In its, it is a heroes of computer games and movies.

10. Psychological training

Heyou cant wander around for terrains for hours. Now it’s up to practice. It is a state of the art of automatism. Therefore, practice, practice and practice again. And, of course, a positive personal example.

It is idiot idiot. He realized his potential. Yes, it will be difficult. But when you succeed – the child will thank you. This is what you helped him become a real person.

10 survival skills to teach your child

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