10 tips on how to avoid a terrorist attack

The photo in the title of the article is the aftermath of the 2013 terrorist attack in the USA. The photo Aarona Tanga.

Currently terrorist attacks become commonplace and it’s scary. If earlier they happened somewhere far away in other countries, now they are rattling all over the world. Many people remember the bombings of houses, the metro, the seizures of a hospital, a school, a cinema in Russia, it was both long and recent. Now the attacks occur in Germany, and in France and other European countries.

Below we will try to give 10 tips, perhaps banal, how to reduce the risk death in a terrorist attack, what to do and how to behave.

1. Realize that this can happen next to you.

This is not paranoia and not an attempt to cause it. Based on the history of terrorist attacks around the world, you can see that they occur not only in the capitals, but also in small towns and cities. As an example, not so long ago terrorist attack in Paris, showed that people simply could not think that something bad could happen in their civilized country and developed Europe. So without paranoia, keep your ears on top of your head, caution did not harm anyone.

2. Always carry a weapon with you, covertly, if allowed by law.

This advice applies only where it is permitted to have and carry weapons in principle. Carrying a weapon should be commonplace, as well as taking the keys to the house, leaving it. Those. if you are going somewhere, you should not ask yourself – will there be any trouble waiting for me there, taking me something for self-defense? Take it. Is always. Why carry a weapon covertly? In order not to attract unnecessary attention, especially when terrorist attack. There is a suspicion that people are shining with a gun – they will die one of the first.

3. Use an improvised weapon from the objects at hand.

If you do not have the opportunity to carry a gun or another firearms, teach yourself to evaluate the surrounding things for possible use as a weapon. You can even come up with a kind of game, being somewhere, mentally choose three items that can be used in case of anything for self-defense. Sticks, stones, stool, candelabrum of your late great-grandfather, whatever.

4. Know the location of emergency exits.

No matter how sad it may sound, most people die in any incidents, not only terrorist attacks, it is commonplace because they do not know where the emergency exit from the building or the room is. Make it a rule, coming to public places at least roughly estimate escape routes, and ideally, find an escape route.

5. Act decisively

In other words, do not panic, do not rush around waiting for instructions from someone or in the hope that everything will be resolved by itself. Before the arrival of law enforcement agencies can not live. In principle, there are only two options for an attack: run away or fight. Immediately leave the danger zone as soon as possible. Well, if there are no options for withdrawal, and there is an inevitable threat to life – fight, suddenly you are lucky, there is nothing to lose.

6. Pay attention to suspicious people and unusual situations.

Intelligence agencies do not get tired of repeating – be vigilant, report orphan objects and suspicious personalities to law enforcement agencies. Although many continue to carelessly ignore these warnings. Of course, one should not look around nervously, jerk from every rustle and run away from bearded men in horror. Just be careful, an ownerless bag at a bus stop or in a store, a suspiciously looking group of people hiding something in their bosoms, a rushing car ignoring traffic lights. Anything that does not fit into the regular life.

7. “Saw something, inform where it should be”

Feel free to tell the cop or even cause outfit, if you are alarmed thoroughly. This way you can save a life not only for yourself. The police are unlikely to scold you for vigilance, even if the alarm was false.

8. There can always be another bomb or attack.

Practice shows that the terrorists almost always mark several points for carrying out terrorist attacks. This is done not only to ensure that something bad is done, if vigilant citizens suddenly discover a bomb before it is activated, but also to sow mass panic and chaos. It also puts a huge strain on rescue services and the police, they can not keep up everywhere. Therefore, if something bad happens in your city, try to protect yourself as much as possible, leave crowded places and maximize your attentiveness.

9. Have at least basic knowledge in first aid.

Do not necessarily have a medical degree. You can save a life not only for yourself, having a basic knowledge of how to stop the bleeding and how to bandage the victim so that he reaches the arrival of the medical team. Banal advice, but practice shows that a huge number of people die from bleeding before the arrival of doctors, the bill goes on for minutes.

10. Trust your intuition

If suddenly you have the feeling that something is wrong, listen to your inner voice. Of course, not everyone around psychics and the sixth sense know that the bad will happen right now. However, if something suddenly began to bother you, ask yourself what exactly? Did you notice an abandoned backpack near the corner of your eye? Or maybe a person leaving the subway, looking nervously and quickly running away away from you?

Of course, these tips are not instructions and they would seem simple and banal, but many people tend to relax and lower their guard when nothing long happens or never happens in their hometown. Paranoia and mass hysteria, too, do not give in, just be careful and take care of yourself.

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10 tips on how to avoid death in a terrorist attack

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