10 unique future military developments

Over the past 100 years, it has been a leap in creating a new generation of weapons. It will be believed. It’s not a problem.

It was not so much time passed. It’s not the case for the 21st century, but the military industry doesn’t stand still. For the most part of the country, it’s not a problem.

XM25 grenade launcher

XM25 grenade launcherXM25 grenade launcher

The XM 25 is a semi-automatic self-loading grenade launcher, which is used from the Punisher grenade launcher. The latter was designed for shelters or in trenches, underground. The Advantage of the XM 25 Grenade Launcher With an explosion in the air, the area of ​​damage increases. It was a war in the United States.

Dongfeng 21

Dongfeng 21Dongfeng 21

According to China, China has already developed a weapon of mass destruction, which is capable of hitting American warships at a sufficiently long distance. It is a powerful warhead. In addition to the destructive power, they say that the rocket is invisible due to its high maneuverability. And China does not stop there.



Electrode powerful accelerator is capable of launching rockets into space. The guns were built up to the anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons. The launch of the projectile is close to the speed of sound. Improve it in the United States. For example, it is planned to use it. To equip ships with such guns by 2025.

DREAD “silent” weapon

DREADDREAD “silent” weapon

If the weapon beats such a name as DREAD (Horror), then you can. It is a group of guns, which is based on rotating disks. In the minute the machine gun makes 120 000 turns it absolutely silently. It goes in service.

Aurora Excalibur aircraft

Aurora Excalibur aircraftAurora Excalibur aircraft

The Aurora Excalibur unmanned aerial vehicle, developed by Aurora Flight Sciences, can be flown up to 800 km / h. The device can be installed a variety of weapons, including 4 anti-tank missiles Hellfire. It was the result of the helicopter. The device will go into service in 5-10 years.

Defense system based on high-energy laser

Defense system based on high-energy laserDefense system based on high-energy laser

It is a weapon for attacking missiles, artillery and mortars. This is a fairly compact system, convenient for equipping ships. It has been found that the system has been completely cooling down. It has been tested for 5 years.

Quantum camouflage based on stealth technology

Quantum camouflage based on stealth technologyQuantum camouflage based on stealth technology

A similar phenomenon could be observed in science fiction films. Quantum camouflage based on stealth technology makes a person almost invisible. It was developed by the United States of America, both countries are interested in the use of the hostels. It can be seen while the light has been invisible. This is where the pilots will be forced to flee.

Free Electron Laser System

Free Electron Laser SystemFree Electron Laser System

It can be a torpedoes, missiles and enemy aircraft. In the course of this process, Only recently, it was signed for the construction of this system. Previously, it was used for non-military purposes. The prototype is expected by 2018.

Insect hybrids

Insect hybridsInsect hybrids

He was a subsidiary of the international medical research institute (DARPA), USA. Thanks to these devices, it can be controlled for military purposes, for example, to achieve hard-to-reach targets. Order to become flawless and go into service.

Synthetic organisms

Synthetic organismsSynthetic organisms

This is another ambitious project of the agency DARPA. It aims to create engineered deaths. In other words, they are able to regenerate after being wounded. It is a process that leads to the management of mental processes. In addition, the gene-devotion will be introduced into the DNA molecule. It should not be expected.

10 unique future military developments

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