10 unique multitools that break stereotypes

When you hear the word “multitool” – what do you imagine? Most likely, it will be something like a traditional “butterfly” or a Swiss knife. But alas, it is possible to use as much as possible. However, many designers and designers took into account this moment, so the market Eds tools full of models of various shapes and sizes. Moreover, many developments completely revise the traditional idea “pocket multitool“, Changing even the way it is worn and used. About 10 such tools we will tell you today.

SOG Baton Q1

Part of a minimal series “Baton” from SOG companies, designed to solve mainly organizational issues. In fact, it can be replaced with a nail file. Uses standard D2 ink cartridges, so it writes well.

(On the company’s website – 55 bucks. For a tactical pen-multitool – very good.)

Leatherman tread

Yes, this is a bracelet. That’s just each link bracelet. Moreover, you can’t make up your screwdriver, or a wrench. And when the tool is needed – just unzip it and use.

(No, well, the name “Leatherman” speaks for itself. Even if the mastodons of multitulostroeniya decide to suddenly hit something original. But, damn it, the price is about 200 euros …)

Klecker stowaways

System Klecker stowaways It is a set of modular tools that fit the phone, keychain or organizer for keys. This allows you to choose what to take with you. And there are plenty of screwdrivers, wrenches, bottle openers and even cutters. There’s even a pen and a comb. So you can always pre-pick the complete set of your EDC, depending on what you have.

If you’re on the phone, you’ll find out how to use it. from 7 to 10.)

Swiss + Tech Utility Key

Every day, right? And if you’re there, you’ll have to do it. This is a “key” pattern, since it was equipped with a brush opener.

(Original. Particularly pleased with a small blade plus a serrator. And such a miracle costs about 14 bucks)

Leatherman raptor

If you are looking for your first aid kit, then Leatherman raptor – your choice. In order to increase the compactness, it is easy to fold out for use. And steel 420 NA will help to cope with any loads. They are equipped with a nipples, a nipples, a cullet, a plume

(70 bucks for scissors, ideal for first aid kits or lifeguards? Why not. It’s damn Leatherman – they don’t.)

Bigidesign Titanium Pocket Tool

It is a matter of course. This tool is also not a blade, because Screwdriver, wrench, lever, bottle opener. 6AL4V durable and compact titanium case.

(70 bucks. As for me – a bit too much. But on the other hand, you can take it out.)

Victorinox Swisscard Lite

13 tools, including the LED flashlight, compactly housed in a standard credit card. Creation Victorinox It is always a good idea to have your hands fit.

(From 30 to 40 bucks for a multitool from a famous Swiss manufacturer? No question.)

Mininch tool pen

In most multitools there is a flat screwdriver, in some – even a cross. Compare Mininch tool pen. Cope even with rare screws.

(70 bucks for a bit?)

True Utility FIXR

20 various functions in one tool, a carbine form. So you can calmly attach it to your equipment. True Utility FIXR can replace screwdriver, stroporez, wrench and more. It is not enough to get access to other tools.

(Approximately 18 bucks for a multifunctional karabininchik? And not bad.)

Dango tactical wallet

You always carry your keys with your wallet. It is generally preferred. It can be used to 12 standard plastic cards. It also comes with an RFID lock chip. So, just in case.

(From 70 to 120 bucks. Hmm …)


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