10 “unwritten” CQB rules from Israeli special forces. Part 4

Welcome to the continuation of the series. 10 most important “unwritten” rules by CQB. It’s not a secret. There are no rules for how to forget or not to forget. Before we continue, review the previous parts – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, if you have not read them yet. So, let’s go further …

7. The commander may be wrong

The commander is never wrong – or is it still wrong? This is perhaps one of the most well-established and often repeated delusions, melee tactics. Therefore, we will focus only on this rule.

The principle “never makes a mistake“The word” commander “point man“Abbreviated Pman, its more accurate CQB – “Leading person”, or simply “leading“, Which is the editor of the fire group – editor’s note).

For example, if you take the shooter, you should move the shooter. If you are a shooter, it is prescribed in some CQB instructions, you must follow it in the opposite direction.

It makes it a little bit more than one shooter, open the door, enter the room and so on). In that sense close combat and the response.

Now back to the reality of CQB …

A few months ago, I worked with the SWAT from the European Union, well acquainted with our concepts. CQB. We’ve simulated a scenario where there are several doors. It’s time for the team that’s been on the assault team, wingman, Wman – Slave, covering – note ed) clean up one of the first rooms. The enemy jumped out of the door, the ship jumped out,

A good example of the lead and cover in the CQB. The flank, leaving the slave responsible for the front.

  • “I do not remember the moment of the decision. I started the persecution. “
  • “At first I wasn’t sure I was going to enter first. The attack from the flank. I ignore it in my path. “
  • He didn’t follow his peace of mind. Escape the deadly trap.

    As yours well shown, the commander may be wrong in making unnecessary or even harmful decisions. It is often a “navigator” that helps you to avoid overloading. “Obsessive idea”, as described above), which can lead operation to failure. It can be seen that it has been considered a looper for the fighter.

    The group of firefighters has reached the line. It was a group of fighters from behind the shields. A pair of guys is on the white light. For some reason. In general – a terrible situation, nowhere worse … But guys, because the commander is always right, isn’t it?

    Most often in CQB, the leading shooter is experiencing, A bad example is “from the threshold”. It is a fact that it has been decided that it will be in its own right.

    If you’ve jumped away from him, you’re stupid: “If you’ve jumped away?”

    To be continued …

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