10 useful tips for a winter overnight stay in a hammock

Lovers winter hikes this kind of camping as overnight stay in a hammock, commonly referred to as “cold ass syndrome”.

When you sleep in hammock, It is more important that you become more vulnerable. hammock. This is because of the fact that the hammock is much more susceptible to wind blowing.

If you go to winter hike with hammock, You need to take additional measures to prevent hypothermia.

For preserving heat when overnight stay in a hammock.

1. Podyschite natural shelter that protects from the wind.

“Before fasten hammock “Between the trees in the forest and the trees,” said Natalie DeRatt, coordinator of the company.Eno“(or Eagles Nest Outfitters, original company hammocks and accessories). The Shelter

“When you mount a windmock, it’s a windmill,” said Bill Bassler from the company.Grand trunk“(A company that produces hammocks and equipment for tourism). -“ hammock. In addition to this, it would be a great idea to have windbreakers such as hills and trees. And don’t forget the tension. awning between trees as a standard weather cover. “

DeRatt also added that hammock best placed at no more than 27-30 cm above ground level

2. Find the sunniest place.

“In the winter of the solar heat, it’s necessary, if possible, to reduce heat,” – said Bassler. – “Make sure that you fix hammock in sun “

3. Use a hammock pad as additional warming.

Under Quilt - blanket & quot; Blaze & quot; from enoUnder Quilt – Eno’s “Blaze” Blanket

Special heat insulation Quilt blanket (Under quilt) – this is an additional method of warming that you push under the bottom hammock. This is hammock, in which heat lasts longer. It is not clear that it is not a problem. In this case, it is currently unprotected.

4. Use a sleeping bag specifically designed for a hammock

To date, we are witnessing the industry, which produces a very tourist equipment. For example, special sleeping bags for hammocks in case of winter hike. You can look at your sleeping bags for a hammock from the above company. Grand trunk, remarkable in that such sleeping bags turn around hammock – heat loss as much as possible.

5. Use travel mat

Heat reflecting mat HennessyHeat reflecting mat Hennessy

Where they come in contact with hammock, You can also use normal tourist rug. Try a regular sleeping maid like Thermarest, or specially designed for hammocks karemat Hennessy Hammock Radiant Double Bubble Pad, made of heat reflecting material. But there is one nuance – some floor mats can slide inside hammock. This was taken into account by the company.Eno“By developing Hot Spot – special sleeves that attach to karemat and create “wings” to hold it in place. But these are not all the “goodies” from this company: “Eno“Produces a hammock” Reactor “with built-in mounts for a rug.

6. Secure the awning over the hammock

Awning over the hammock It not only protects you from the wind, but also serves as a heat reflector.

Remember – awning need to pull as low as possible over hammock.

Once you have the roof, it is fastened. Waterproof and waterproofing awnings: from “Hyperlite»Companies Hennessy, weighing a little pain 220 g, before Typhoon same company, weighing about 700 g, which is almost complete awning. Eno House Fly – combined awning for hammock.

7. Use a pillow

In order not to freeze during winter hike, The body of the hammock. If you want to sleep pillows.

8. Create many layers in clothes.

Weather conditions and intensity.

Several layers of clothing during winter camping, even if you sleep in a hammock. “By a bit of a ploy, you can dress or undress a sleeping bag,” Bassler said. “It’s possible to make it possible to make sure that it’s possible to make it up. get you in a sleeping bag. It is a strong effect on your body.

9. Grab a hot water bottle.

We have been a bottle of water for a few years. sleeping bag in the foot area. During the body during sleep.

10. Do not damage trees in the forest.

“Our hammocks; “It is not important to mention that,” noted Bassler.

By: Marcus Wolfe

10 useful tips for a winter overnight stay in a hammock

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