10 ways to kindle a fire in nature

There are several ways to choose from. It is a question of survival, it depends on your ability to read it.

1. Lens from the package, condom, bottle

Try to focus on the sun’s rays. To the wind. Light up, sure to light up.

2. Tin mirror

The sun’s rays. If it is polished, it can be used to make fire.

3. Ice lens

Luster of the “Mythbusters” Cut it out. You can pour water into the bag and create it. When it freezes, you get a lens.

4. Blacksmith’s way

It can be set on fire.

5. Flint cutting

As the chair fit a piece of steel, preferably hardened. And flint harder Do not give a sparkle

Typically, these stones resemble glass misty, or even transparent form. It is impossible to knock on the neck and a spark from a sharp edge. Few sparkling stones.

It can be used to make a tinder over tawny over flint.

6. Friction of dry stick

Pine stick, split in it, rub in it, put it there. At the ends of the rope And, accordingly, sawing, Shura. Fast movements. Literally at the expense of “ten” begins to smoke. It will only fan the fire.

7. Rubbing the cotton ball

For example, it makes it possible to Fire is very easy

8. Friction of stick

There is a solid wooden stick at a 45-degree angle. In the case of the spaghetti, the spaghetti and the spaghetti can be cured. At first, there will be clouds of smoke. Then it can be observed. The particles are carried away. You can see how much sparks are not visible.

A burning center occurs where a hot powder accumulates in a heap, where air flows freely and supports combustion.

The best materials are pine and beech. Linden and aspen for this purpose.

9. Drilling

In case of a dry air, it is necessary to take care of it.
Put a kind of material around the dimple, tinder or wick, moss, lint, etc. Put it over the stick.

The best results in time gives drilling pine beech. Linden and aspen for this purpose.

10. Potato Lighter

In particular, it is an electric generator.
To create a generator you will need:

  • Potato
  • 2 toothpicks
  • Knife and teaspoon (Optional)
  • 2 wires
  • Toothpaste, nth amount
  • Salt

Wires should be cleaned! Cut potatoes into two halves with a knife. Wire through a half potato. Using the spoon, it is not necessary to use the spoon. Mix it with a hollow in half a potato.

Connect the two halves (wires should not be bent, but so that they are dipped in toothpaste). Connect potato halves with toothpicks

Get one piece of cotton. Wait a couple of minutes (the battery should not charge). Until you spark occurs.

10 ways to kindle a fire in nature

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