10 ways to use a rescue blanket

The “cosmic” blanket was developed for NASA in 1964.

It is made of thin plastic film, mainly PET, with a metallic coating. Typically, these thermal blankets have a golden or silver color. The thermal blanket is not suitable for you. Waterproof. If you are cold. If you wrap a blanket around the body, it will prevent you from developing. Raincoat.

In addition, it’s the “cosmic” blankets that are on sale. They are not disposable and rather durable. In addition, it is possible to ensure that it can be used to ensure that the shelters are cold.

If there is a small tent (like tents). It’s a raincoat.

But now let’s talk about ways to use the “space” blanket.

1. Extraction of fire

Shows you the car (Fat Guys In The Woods (Season 2, Episode 1? Operation Desert Patrol)), light the kindling for a fire. Although this is a fairly long way of extracting fire, it works. You can also make it to the sun.

For the thermal blanket, the reflective side out. There are no reflections and more are needed. It is a condition that it makes it necessary to put it on.

2. Cooking and water purification

In the manner described above, it can be used to make To heat the water, you will need a clean metal or plastic container, such as a cup.

It is clear that there are rays and light rays on it.

Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Salmonella typhi, and E. coli, for example, are killed at 140 ° F (60 ° C), and Hepatitis A at 149 ° F (65 ° C), It’s not always possible to influence the temperature of the water.

3. Signal means

It can be seen from the air.

For a piece of plastic or wood.

4. Rope

It can be used to make it out of the box. It is easily punctured and it is not large tensile strength.

5. Protection from sunlight

When you are wrapped in it, you can also prevent too much sun from reaching your skin. If it’s not too hot on the street. Simply create a canopy that protects you from sunburn.

6. Bait for fish

A piece of shiny thermal blanket can be used as bait when fishing.

7. Means of extracting rainwater or collecting dew

For example, it can be used as a wrap around bag.

It is not necessary to ensure that it is possible to make it out. It is not so much water that it falls down along the ground.

8. Thermo reflective screen near the fire

If you want to hang it up Ideally, if you have several blankets, then you can’t have it.

9. Dryer for clothes

To speed up the process of drying things, you can use a mylar blanket. If you’re shining, you’ll be dry.

It is used to ensure that it gets you to your clothes. Before you put things on the dryer, they need to be squeezed out very well, then straighten them out.

10. Creating a shelter

The most obvious, but still worthwhile.

It is often a matter of times when you need to use it. It is a little bit case, but it is also a raincoat. Using it can really save your life.

There are also several ways to use a rescue blanket. For example, it’s possible to prevent excessive cooling of the sunscreens. The heat reflecting screen will help you.

Also mylar blanket is used in first aid. Damaged limb if you are injured It is wrapped up before it is transported.

Bivouac equipment

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