10 ways to use

Glow stick, or in our opinion chemical light source (aka HIS, or chemical light) – what is it? Autonomous transient light source, what else.

If you don’t go into details, then it is a plastic flask with reagents that glow when mixed. Depending on the size and reagents, such a “glow stick” will shine up to 12 hours. It depends on the temperature.

It is impossible to use it as a matter of fact. Light from HIS it is clear that it is not necessary to see it.

pros HIS:

  • Himsvet doesn’t heat, doesn’t create sparks, and is safe in any environment.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Unlike open fire.

It can be dangerous to your health. Reagents are toxic and can cause burns, skin irritation, or breathing problems.

Well, okay, this is theoretical information that knows for sure.

How does it help you survive?

It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been in a difficult situation.

And then chose 10 of the most interesting and practical ways:

1. Designation of its location during the rescue operation

If there is a sign, such as SOS, or “X”.

If you want to ship a low-flying aircraft, you can attach it. Glowing spot perfectly attracts attention.

2. Maintenance of the system while moving

3. Indication traps

However, it’s clear that you’ve been able to identify all the dangers in your camp.

4. Night fishing

It is easy to make it out.

5. Tracking the location of children

6. Marking dangerous places on the water and shore

If there is any danger, There will be a lot of help. This is especially useful if you are boating down the river.

7. Marking indoor paths

8. Distance marking

You have to go to We expose, for example, red HIS at a distance of 200 meters, green – 100 meters. A person can understand both the direction and the distance. True, this will unmask your location, so be careful.

9. Infrared KhIS for target designation.

NVG (night vision device – ed.), Because infrared radiation is not perceived by the human eye. However, this is a great way to identify potential targets.

10. Using infrared chemical light to control the perimeter.

Enemy hasn no NVG.

The principle of control is as follows. Something that has been made to be around the infrared chemical light. Next, the attendant sits and looks at NVG. The movement of children will be able to make it.

So, here are 10 ways to use. If you’re not sure, you’ll be happy to write a new light!

Original article – 10 Survival Uses for Glow Sticks

10 ways to use

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