100 best self-defense techniques. Textbook.

it is necessary to do also from other initial positions, and not only from the main combat positions. But other starting points lead to the fact that there are options for technology, which we will discuss below.

Front standby, execution technique.

To take a frontal waiting position you need:

1. Put your feet shoulder width apart and bend slightly at the knees, feet are parallel, body weight is distributed on both legs.
2. Torso slightly bend in the lower back and tilt forward.
3. Bend the arms in the elbow joints at an acute angle, lower them down so that the bent elbows protect the body, and open palms – the head.
4. The muscles of the body do not strain much.

Left-side combat position, execution technique.

To take a left-side combat position you need:

1. Put your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Put your right foot back half a step.
3. Raise the heel of the right leg above the floor by 3-4 cm. The left leg rests on the floor with the entire foot. Both feet are parallel and aimed at the opponent. The weight of the body is evenly distributed on both legs..
4. Torso slightly turn forward with the left shoulder. Retract the abdomen and the pelvis slightly forward.
5. Tilt your head slightly down.
6. Arms bent at the elbow joints, elbows pressed to the body and directed down.

The left hand covers the torso with the shoulder to the elbow; its open palm protects the head. The elbow of the right hand protects the right side of the body, its open palm – the head.

100 best self-defense techniques, a tutorial DOWNLOAD a book

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