100 rules of light running

It is a hike, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a dog, a girl, a girl, a dog, a girl, But there isn’t even a serious blessing … how far. It is a need to compensate for your skills and abilities. In fact, the so-called “campaign for survival”, it is the ease.

But about everything in order. You need to know …

100 rules of light running

001. To get started, buy small scales or digital balance. A load capacity of up to 10 kg is quite suitable. You can safely buy your exact tool. Do not be afraid to scare the sellers, you will not be scared anymore, now everything is under control!

002. Lose your own weight. It is not difficult to lose a few kilograms!

003. Thoughtfully make a list of equipment, you can leave it at home!

004. How to avoid sorting out clothes.

005. If you are planning to go camping with a companion, consider general equipment, such as an awning and dishes.

006. Develop your sewing skills, make your own hands.


007. Try to make or purchase a lightweight backpack. Backpack – this is exactly what you should be. You can reduce your equipment. As a result, you can easily get a backpack weighing 1 kg (and less!) – this is almost 4 times easier than the standard “monster”.

008. Try not to get a backpack of volume volume – often a bag of inconvenience in wearing.

009. Try using your backpack (lightweight) without a belt – you might like it.

010. If you are not a backpack strap for a backpack, just remove it!

011. Remove all the equipment from your equipment, for example, while leaving it.

012. Cut the excess length of the strap straps. It is the best clothes to wear.

013. If there are aluminum plates, try to remove them. Lightweight backpack doesn’t require a stiff back. Here you need to go from the opposite.

014. Replace the buckles with the lighter ones (for many manufacturers to avoid returning the warranty).

015. It is usually necessary to ensure that all the vicissitudes of camp life. This equipment applies to sleeping bags, clothes, etc.

016. If you choose to choose the easiest one! It is often enough.

017. Since it requires a backpack, it’s not a bag.


018. Buy a sleeping bag that doesn’t overcook you. Surprisingly, many people buy bags for the “minus” and in the summer.

019. Use a down sleeping bag – this is an unsurpassed natural heat insulator with the lowest weight. Do not worry that he gains moisture, sleeping bag loses its effectiveness. It is a natural puff of water. Keep your sleeping bag dry.

020. If you can, you can avoid the condensate.

021. A piece of thin plastic film, a garbage bag, a rain cover. Many things have multifunctionality, which we often do not think about.

022. Thanks to the lighter equipment.

023. It weighs about 30 grams and is much more reliable than polyethylene.

024. It is very light, and it works great as a weatherization.

025. Keep your sleeping bag clean – it maintains its effectiveness.

026. At home, it will be a long time for you to keep it.

027. It’s not a problem.

028 using the bag and add comfort during sleep.

029. If you sleep during your sleep, it is often enough to warm up.

030. It will be released immediately after a meal.

031. If you want to use it, you can’t get it.

032. Dissolving mats of heat absorbed by the skin.

033. Do not be afraid to go.

034. You can often greatly increase comfort during sleep.

035. If you’re leaning on your hair, you can’t make it a little bit more.

036. A pillowcase and a sleeping bag.

037. Rolled up lightweight backpack.

038. A small piece of foam pillows. (In fact, without foam rubber, extra clothing perfectly).

039. As a pillow, a soft plastic flask showed itself well – just inflate it.


040. In the warm season and even in the off season. In this case, you will need a mosquito-mosquito. This way you can save a few pounds.

041. When you’re purchasing an awning, be sure that you’re size. An unnecessarily large awning is hardly useful.

042. Racks of some tents and awnings can be safely replaced with trekking poles, sometimes tied together.

043. You can reduce your weight by purchasing lighter arcs.

044. If you want to make it easier, you can make it easier.

045. For example, from an aluminum profile.

046. Instead of a cover for a tent, use several office elastic bands – they are much lighter than standard packaging. Pegs and arcs are not perforate anything.

047. It will be a complete shelter.

048 will camp replace will will will will will will will will will replace replace replace replace replace replace replace replace replace replace 048. will replace it.

049. A simple rectangle of mosquito cover with minimal weight.

050. A simple awning has many options for installation and use. It is less demanding on a flat surface.

051. As a protection, you can use a Chinese hat-bed from a fishing store.

052. Many poncho designs can be served simultaneously.

053. If you are going to hike through the forest area, you can save weight on trekking poles and tent racks.

054. Try to choose a litter of weight or strength, for example, in rocky areas.

055. If you need it.

056. Be sure that the litter is smaller than the awning; if not, wait for the flood.

057. Think of a hammock in a hammock.

058. In the highly mosquito areas, there is enough repellent instead of a mosquito net.

059. Where the mosquito comes from, it can stand out.

060. shake it well in the morning, shake it well before packing.


061. It will help you to draw more information.

062. At the last moment, you can save a few hundred grams by weight.

063. If it’s the weather forecast, it’s unlikely, then you can completely abandon the poncho and the rain pants. After all, it will not be wet, and even slightly damped.

064. mb lace lace lace 064. They perform their function.

065. All rain gear can weigh no more than 300 g, if you pick the lightest samples. Remember also poncho, which can become a shelter.

066. There are uncompromising combinations of equipment. For example, shorts, a pair of pants and rain pants. That is quite enough.

067. One additional jacket with sleeves is also quite enough.

068. If possible, it’s possible to avoid

069. Lightweight synthetic materials (Pertex, Quantum, Primaloft, etc.) and fleece. Heat in the summer. And the total weight will be only about 170 g.

070. Forget about jeans – they are difficult to dry. Light synthetic pants weigh up to 300 g and dry many times faster.

071. If you want to warm it up, try a thinnest puff or down vest – their weight is about 250 g. As much as a hb t-shirt weighs!

072. Feel free to use lightweight synthetic shorts, such as running shorts. Functionally, they’re not much different from the “tourist,” but they weigh less and dry quickly. In cool weather, underwear. It is a great combination.

073. This is a convenient way to replace your leather belt.

074. The weight of half can be reduced.

075. A captain made of thin single-layer fleece.

076. If you wear a hot hat, you get a warm storm piece.

077. Pick up the lightest cap of breathable synthetics.


079. If you are too hot in a hat, try a striped bezel. With digital scales you can choose the lightest.

080. You can keep yourself in the room for a while.

081. Hands freeze? Wear spare socks over cellophane gloves.

082. I love you.

083. Soft, but dense tracking socks are irreplaceable, if you are inclined to calluses. It is the same.

084. One of the ways to reduce the number of shoes (God forbid, berets) with lightweight running shoes. The old saying is a kilogram on your feet. Why not take something easier?

085. Often hesitate to shorten them.

Cooking food

086. The minimum set of dishes – is the pot.

087. The lightest pot is aluminum or titanium.

088. Avoid stainless steel – it is very heavy. Any non-stick coatings also have weight, are they really necessary?

089. The best cup will be light plastic.

090. One plastic spoon is enough. Fan of holes in the handle.

091. Many now like to eat with chopsticks. Why not?

092. If it’s a pot So it will boil faster and save fuel. If it doesn’t want to be smoked

093. I love you, you can boil faster.

094. Use windscreens for some kind of light tools. For example, from aluminum foil.

095. empty then. Felt how much metal weighs?

096. If you want to take a shower, take a shower, take a shower, take a shower, take a shower and take a shower.

097. An absorbent cloth Cut it in half, and you will also have a towel.

098. The best towel can be made from scotchbright household cloth, etc. It is easy to clean.

099. A beer can – less than 10.

100. Made to order, made from ordinary foam tape.

100 rules of light running

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