11 items that should be in your car

Avid motorists by car, they can happen on the road. It can be a lot of unpatched minutes, for example, and hours. It is also a car. set of things and tools, just in case “if that.” We decided to single out 11 basic, in our opinion, things.

1. Charging for mobile phone, connected to the car

Let’s be honest – without a gadget, nowhere. There is a call. If you use all of this actively, charging in the car should always be. If you have any time on the track car problems and need to call for help.

2. Flashlight. Best headlamp or hanging lamp

Those who ever changed their wheels, will appreciate. Why head torch or lamp instead of the usual lantern? Hands free and gives more light. It is wildly uncomfortable to try to hold it. The map will not be superfluous, because at by car Internal lighting is not always good.

3. Five liter water canister

There is no point in even explaining something. Who knows where you can get it, especially in the heat. And wash your hands, especially after car repair, will come in handy. Water is water, there is no excess.

4. First Aid Kit

I mean not standard car first aid kit, In this case, it is a narrow purpose, which is full-fledged. For example, to go fishing with an overnight stay. Civilization is relatively far away. Therefore, we must be prepared the car. Painkillers, dressings, thermal blankets, thermal blankets, and so on.

5. Something cutting at hand

Knock out a seat belt and / or knock out car glass. It is generally fine.

There are also special devices for cars, such as Lifehammer, for specific tasks. It seems to be sold on Amazon.

6. False or chemical light

If he wants to go through battery in the car of these things is incredibly. You can’t even be seen the car’s “beacons” from chemical light would be a great idea. It can be seen from afar, you can beep them.

7. Sleeping bag or warm blanket

If you want to have a car. It is a nice day for you to things in the car.

8. Small change, small change

It is useful if you had to stop it somewhere. Or there is no cellular connection. Actually in those countries where it is all there. Although it can be used at home, it can be a handful of little things.

9. Water, snacks, snacks

The main thing without paranoia – the hammer dry rations in case of nuclear war. But if you’re stuck somewhere you’ve been a little hunger.

10. Notebook and pen

It would be helpful if you’ve been on the phone.

11. Fire extinguisher

It’s easy to buy a handy car. It will not hurt for sure.

Of course, this list is very approximate and subjective. We would be interested in your opinion that you carry with you in the car? Write in the comments.

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