11 popular misconceptions about body armor

In our time, the body armor has become quite commonplace. Security guards. We see it in the news from hot spots. If you want to go to the store, you can buy it. Nevertheless, the body of the rumors and conjectures …
You can’t hear about it. It is a fact that it is not necessary to wear it. …

It is true that you can’t get it. this your life depends.

This is a list of common misconceptions about personal protective equipment, in other words body armor:

  1. Body armor protects against impact. Indeed, it can be symptomatic. However, if body armor soft, it works just like tight clothes. Those. but it doesn’t absorb it completely.
  2. Body armor protects against fire. Really, aramid fiber it is low thermal conductivity (often fire suits are made of aramid). therefore soft armor panels protect the body from burns. However, it cannot be burned. Polyethylene armor panels can also burn.
  3. Body armor protects against cold weapons. Very dangerous misconception. Soft body armor, at best, they provide satisfactory protection against bladed knives. Stiletto, sharpening, awl, etc. It is a weapon of aramid fabric. Only hard extra armor panels can provide reliable protection against cold weapons.
  4. Even if the body doesn’t have to be serious, it’s even fatal ones. Most standards for body armor impose severe restrictions on injuries sustained by a person. Therefore certified body armor ensure that it is injuries. Russian GOST requires a 2nd degree of severity, i.e. a man bruise. However, it’s possible that they received the fatal injuries.
  5. The bullets hit him. This is true only if small bullets hit hard armor panels. The bullets of powerful pistols and revolvers, not to mention machine guns and rifles, can be felt very well even even even through them.
  6. A vest can be worn only by a person with special training. In our time, this is far from true. You can wear them.
  7. Body armor is also easy to wear, like a regular jersey. Alas, even the best models. First of all, this results in less flexibility and worse body ventilation.
  8. Body armor badly protects them. Indeed, there is a so-called edge effect. It is especially strong in the case of soft armor. Approximately 5 cm from its edge armor begins to decline, which requires an appropriate margin of safety.
  9. Unfortunately, this statement is absolutely true. Most manufacturers give them a warranty of 5 years. On body armor from fabric Twaron give a guarantee of 10 years. After completion of the warranty period. Of course, it will not increase, but it will not turn out.
  10. Body armor loses its properties when wet. Really, aramid fibers, by themselves, absorb moisture, while losing up to 40% strength, which weakens the protection. As a rule, soft armor panels are covered with a water-repellent cover. After drying, it is restored. During the drying process, do not use it. As well as the use of fabric Twaron allow your body to stay in the water.
  11. Bulletproof vest worth trying after purchase. This can not be done. It was repeated that he couldn’t lead to a penetration. In addition, when it comes to firing soft armored panels, this will inevitably lead you to the water. If you’re not afraid of it? now, having been wounded (possibly fatal) because of its stupidity.


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