11 ways to manipulate people

There has been a discussion of It is a list of ways to protect yourself from social manipulation.

1. Social proof, or the principle of social proof

Where she led in the Soviet Union “If all these people are waiting, then the product is good,” everyone thought. The very presence of the proposed product. Thus, it was a principle of social proof. It is a lawsuit. It is in it the nature of the mainstream.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll find it out. “In any incomprehensible situation, everything like everyone else” – Social Proof solves all problems at once. The decisive criterion for us to choose. It is deeply rooted in modern business. The product is a client; it suffices to note that the majority thinks so.

It’s strongly recommended that today’s marketers market modest. The number of subscribers is too large. This also applies to site traffic.

This is one of the most painful examples of humorous series. Viewers often complain that they are annoyed by background laughter after every joke. However, this does not affect the effectiveness of the method. This is a case of public opinion.

By the way, social proof of some professions. For example, a claker – loudly applauds and shouts “Bravo!”

2. Group reinforcement method

This is a method in which it can be seen. This will be a rule of course for all participants. The repeated opinion doesn’t have to be true. It is not. Moreover, it’s important to consider this out of the box. Of mentalism. Opposite indoctrination phenomena: “social autonomy”, “criticality”, “non-conformism”.

An example of the group is the reinforcement method. In addition, the reception is not a problem. Through the treads, we’ve impressed you. This is a concept that has been introduced into the international community.

3. The rule of mutual exchange

The rule of mutual exchange says: In simple words – to answer good to good. And since any obligations are oppressive, I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Therefore, it is used by some “initiates”. It can be a larger request.

Fragment from the television series
“Force majeure” (Suits)

People say: “enjoy someone’s kindness.” It is a noteworthy exchange that doesn’t make it “debts”.

Fragment from the television series
The mentalist

Why do supermarkets give free samples of food? Why do various companies distribute pens, notebooks and other souvenirs to their guests? In the afternoon? Employees want to make customers nice? As if not so.

4. A request for help, or the method of Benjamin Franklin

One day, Benjamin Franklin needed to make contact with a man who frankly disliked him. Then he turned to him a rare book. Franklin was the most polite person. After this incident, they became good friends.

If you are asked for help. If you need to, you can count on a reciprocal service. Secondly, by helping, he feels necessary and useful. And this, as they say, is priceless.

I would like to get it. It is a question.

5. Rule of a logical chain

Psychologists have been a person who has become a person.

Consistency is considered a virtue. It is associated with honesty, intelligence, strength and stability. The English physicist Michael Faraday said that consistency is valued more than rightness. Inconsistent behavior is usually taken for duplicity.

In this case, it is necessary to complete the procedure. Social psychologists call commitment a starting point in this mechanism. A person who has taken a commitment (even if unconsciously) will fulfill it.

It’s time for the player to play the game. The sequence mechanism starts: “If I’m like this, it means that I’m

6. Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a pleasant outcome for a person. his actions: praise, reward or reward,

Somehow a group of Harvard students. It will be up to you to go. It is not necessary to have a genius in the forehead. This experiment was called “Verplanka experiment” and it was an educational effect.

According to the American psychologist Skinner, praise brings up a person more effectively than punishment, which It is a fact that he has been expressing his peace of mind. Consequently, the person’s motivation and desire to do something.

7. Motivation by fear

The most powerful human emotion is fear. Therefore, you need to scare him. On this principle is built advertising business. I wondered how many were contemplating. Same methods are used by insurance companies. He will not insure If you look at how much your apartments were, how many were burned, how many cars were hid. If you want to get rid of unnecessary stress, why refuse to help?

For example, it can be your disgrace. Therefore, wise leaders use the power of fear with the mind. As a rule, they’re considering the promotion, but, unfortunately, you’re not satisfying the plan … ”. He will accept the directives proposed to him. According to one study, people just before the threat of loss.

8. Aikido Method

This is a peculiarity of the world. In the case of the interlocutor.

Newton’s law says: Consequently, a person responding to his opponent, he received his address. The main principle of aikido is to win, yielding. You must be able to make a statement on the subject. And then, in a calm tone, suggest your own scenario. Thus, the person retains his strength and doesn’t irritate the opponent and eventually wins.

A slightly exaggerated example might look like this: “You are a fool. You do everything wrong. – Yes, I’m doing everything wrong, because I’m a fool. Let’s try to find a way out of this situation together … ”.

9. The principle of vertical

All well-known world dictators The interlocutor looks like a living argument.

First of all, they spoke. This is a psychological explanation. Minds of those who are higher as authorities. Our parents have always been taller than us. But they were our authorities for many years. They can look down on their subordinates.

It also seems to be our most subconscious person. This is where the sweeping gestures, the “t-shaped” arms of the beholder.

10. Built-in speech commands

This is a guideline. This is a phrase that is distinguished by gestures or intonation. This is what happens to the phrase itself.

Introducing positively colored vocabulary (words like “pleasant”, “good”, “happiness”, “success”, “trust”, etc.) in our speech. The main thing is that there is no difference.

11. Spiral of silence

There is a spiral of silence. It’s a concept that it’s a no-brainer. It makes it possible for a person to get a sense of freedom. They are silent and don’t speak out because they are afraid of isolation.

It’s a pattern. Drive change and global change. The second half of humanity is the guarantor of stability and stability in society.

How to protect yourself from social manipulation?

Influencing the subconscious is far from being such a simple thing. You shouldn’t take it as an uncritical “trash”: that “threw”, then “fell.” It is not the same as our goals. Therefore, suggestions “unfavorable” for the “owner” are rejected very quickly. There is no time to think about this defense mechanism. If you encounter any decisions at all, take a time out.

It is a healthier and harder way to live.

It is a “false alternative.” For example: “our wonderful product — immediately? The option “In general, I don’t want to buy your product” is not considered. Therefore, I advise you to turn on the “alarm” every time you hear a similar “or-or.”

It is important to understand that in the following situations:

  • physical discomfort: overwork, hunger, thirst, stuffiness, heat / cold, etc .;
  • anxiety state: justified or artificially injected (“Run quickly, otherwise we’ll be left!”);
  • sensory overload (for example, loud music, strong smell, cramping, etc.)

It is a sale in a large store. The conditions for rash spending.

It follows that

It is a good idea to communicate with others. It can be developed by periodically asking yourself questions:

  • What am I feeling right now? What are my physical feelings, emotions, desires?
  • Why do I take this or that decision(go buy help)? I expect, are these expectations real? What drives me now?
  • What do I want from life? What is important to me? Those decisions that take me away from them? And, by the way?

If you are not a woman, you can’t make up for it.

11 ways to manipulate people

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