12 best tactical tomogavkov

And we all do not quit and decided to finally finish the topic Tactical tomahawk, We started last week and caused a strong interest, a storm of emotions and a flurry of comments from our readers.

Would you like to get such a useful tool, which of course is not very suitable if you need to dig a small trench (a small paddle is better here) or scatter a hundred or two cubic meters of land under the bunker foundation (quarry excavator?), But it will help you to dig out the small cell, break the door , eliminate the IED, and, on occasion, with equal chances to repel the attack of the Vikings? Then you can choose one of the 12 best tactical tomahawks!

1. Jenny Wren Spike

What to give a woman who has everything? Give her a tomahawk! Jenny Wren is crappy and lightweight, he easily fits in her purse, and besides, this is a serious argument for melee, so only those who have forgotten about the self-preservation instinct will call him girlish. Only 11.5 inches long and weighing 575 grams, it will not do much damage, but at a throw distance and in a quick fight, and with the amazing penetration of the spike, it will be on top.

2. SOG F01T Tactical Tomahawk

SOG Tactical Tomahawk is an improved version of the tomahawk, popular among the US Army since the Vietnam War. A wide stainless steel butt and fiberglass handle are designed for use in dense forests or jungles, as they will easily clear your path. An evil spike on the back of the blade has good penetrating power, and it is difficult to remove it. This is a time-tested tomahawk, for all occasions.

3. Omnivore 3B

This tomahawk combines all the necessary qualities. They can chop, crush, fight back and even chop the salad for the holiday. Lightness and versatility make it an ideal tool for survival. This is not an army tomahawk, but rather a choice of travelers, climbers and survivors.

4. CRKT Kangee

Do not be confused by the fact that Kangee resembles an ax. While he is able to grind something, he will show himself much better by opening the car, like a sardine can. Even if you need to dig through a pile of metal, Kangee will do it quickly and accurately. He also has a good penetrating ability, and balancing, it can be called an effective tactical tomahawk.

5. Hardcore Hardware LFT01

We are accustomed to using larger tools for greater impact force. This is usually the case, but LFT01 breaks the pattern, by providing dominant penetration and destructive results and without excessive dimensions. With a large blade, you can dig, hack, and crush, whatever you like. A convenient grip will help to do it with incredible ease.

6. Benchmade Killian Forged 172

If you suddenly find yourself locked in an air-raid shelter, this tool will be more appropriate than ever. You can say this is a dream bricking tool. Flat shank works perfectly when removing complex obstacles. He feels more like a heavy crowbar than a tomahawk. If your goal is not big destruction, and the weight of the tool is important to you, there are several competitors 172.

7. Gerber Downrange

Excellent bricking tool that can easily remove obstacles from wood, drywall and glass. With its lightness and ergonomics, it does not lose a single gram of penetrating power. Straight top is convenient for removing loops and locks. But it is more ideal for operatives than for full-scale battles.

8. Sayoc Winkler RnD Hawk

RnD was not designed for any particular tactic, except to fight to the death. The developers wanted to create weapons for the active use of special purpose fighters. Multiple, lightweight design, impeccable balance, rounded tip of the blade, all this was done with a special purpose. This is not a tool – it is a weapon.

9. Browning Shock N ’Awe

Like RnD, this tomahawk was designed for a special, lethal purpose. The spike on the back of the blade is designed to enter and exit unnoticed. It is not as unusual as RnD, it was not counted on for constant use in melee combat. But all you need to know about him is that he will do his job with deadly effectiveness.

10. United Cutlery Black Ronin

When throwing a tomahawk, I want to be sure that he will return to you. Ronin is designed in such a way that in any case he will “pop in” somewhere. Its unusual design and penetration will not leave indifferent lovers of beautiful and brutal weapons.

11. Smith & Wesson e&E tomahawk

Not concentrating on any particular area Smith & Wesson, decided to embody all the best in one tomahawk. E&E is universal, it is good for melee, as a bricking tool and has a good punching ability, thanks to a flat shank. Therefore, it can be called a backup tool for any situation.

12. RMJ Tactical S13 Shrike

If you ask the combatants what type of tomahawk they use, the most frequent answer will be Shrike. It is designed for hard work, and is not afraid of the strongest loads. The reason why he is so loved, and so much fear – his indestructible design with a flat shank. It is good in any situation, except that its use can be tedious, due to its not small weight.

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