12 erroneous survival strategies that will lead to death

If you are connected with survivalism, then, you are engaged in planning. Most likely, you are interested in the most effective. survival strategies. In the case of the peace of mind, it’s not a problem.

It is a number of ways to survive. It is a wow, a great idea. “

I (the author of the article, Daisy Luther – approx. Transl.) Like lifesaver lifestylebut. There are many people who are able to look at the situation. We can’t have conversations that are cashier in a department store. I’ve been involved in the process of disaster recovery. But sometimes it korezhit me. Alas but not all survival plans well thought out and rehearsed. In fact, there are guidelines for the majority. preparers. You can already have your own. Or even publicly.

I am not going to try to keep myself safe. If you’re not core strategy.

Bad Plan # 1: “I will hunt and live on the grass”

About hospad. This survival strategy It can be the same. It is clear that there has been a loss of time for people to travel.

Moreover, he was aiming for a gun, aiming and shooting. Have you ever hunted? Have you done this recently, I mean, over the coming year? Have you ever removed the skin of prey? Can you hit a moving target? Do you know how to make snares? Do you know how to cut and preserve meat? Or, maybe, you are able to carry a 90-pound carcass by yourself through the thickets?

If you haven’t been able to answer your family questions.

Bad Plan # 2: “I’ll just go to the forest and live there”

It is closely linked to the bad plan number 1, but it is much worse. Living in the wilderness is not a picnic with toasted marshmallows. First of all, there will not be marshmallow. It is still a bunch of predators (including the two-legs) that still needs to be eaten.

Developing this plan, people like to talk about nearby forests. “Yes, there are hundreds of hectares, right behind my fence.”

Okay But when it’s been you? Did you spend more time with you? Was the weather inhospitable? What were the local predators (not counting the two-legs)? Do you have equipment that you can carry on your back? Will be able to carry supplies? Do you need a Swiss knife? What will you eat and drink? Have you already been successful in collecting your climate zone? How long will it take you? What are your first aid skills? Can you cope with loneliness? If you’re not a morally sustainable person, Have you ever made a fire from raw wood? Did you camp outside the campsite at all? And what if it rains? Indeed, it’sa tantamount to a death sentence.

If you can not answer this question then survival strategy will kill you rather than save you.

Bad Plan # 3: “I will walk 135 kilometers across the mountains, although I don’t train every day”

If you’re trying to make it, then you’ll have to go on a walk. Go on. And I’ll wait here.

This plan really strains me. Survivors is prone to such arguments. However, they don’t want regular loads. If you’re playing, you know It is a fact that you were once in the backpack right now.

This is a classic way to a heart attack. Excessive voltage. Stressful situation. It is not the peak of the form. Going a few miles, especially on the rise. Heart pounding, dizzy, nausea rolls – trying to adapt to the exorbitant load. The heart doesn’t cope with the pumping of blood. We arrived. The end.

Ambitious cycling on foot What if you have a heart attack? What if you get another attack, like asthma? What if you hurt your lost body? Who will help you? It is unlikely that he will be able to fly. The one who will look after you is in danger, equivalent to a bad plan number 2.

It’s better to get it (see the bad plan number 11). But if you want to go through it. Otherwise your survival strategy in your group.

Bad Plan # 4: “I don’t need a group. I will go this way on my own. “

Ah, the lone hero … Being part of a group, even a small one, is beneficial in many ways. As scott writes in a blog post Graywolf survival:

People began to unite in order to survive Only if safer together. If you’re alone, you’re Again, you are forced to go to sleep. In addition, to whom will you complain if you are alone?
It has been a huge advantage to the people who have been protecting themselves. It is not clear that there is a need for a number of personnel. The reason why we are a human society.

But just being a group is not enough. Intelligent instructor. And speaking of training, I do not mean paintball. Founder of the military school Max velocity reveals the question:

“Tactical” courses are good and look good. Even more insidious, they are not competent. This type of training can and will provide you problems. It has been noted that the training will take place in the field. You need to understand how to do it. The problem is that there isn’t there’s a problem. To improve the learning process, “created out”, ultimately creating,

Perhaps you can only trust a handful of people. Perhaps elbow to elbow with the military. You must be able to keep yourself in peace of mind. Eating, building the future, cultivating the land, quietly waiting, and even sometimes relaxing. Not every moment of the movie. Books, talk, sleep, and build relationships. Take this into account, then your survival strategy doomed to failure.

Bad Plan # 5: “I’m so cool.”

Who can forget that episode from “Doomsday preppers“What did the marauders look like?”

I wrote about Tyler smith and his plans a couple of years ago:

Most preparers, Smith says, are worried about looters taking supplies. These are not empty fears, he says. “We are the very people,” he says. “We will knock out your good … we are marauders. We do not make stocks. You can’t stop us. We are your nightmare, and we are on our way. “Smith 29, he leads the group”Spartan survivors“There are 80 members paying membership fees. Smith founded the group in 2005 to train and prepare for survival.

It is a condition that it has been released. attitudes. This dunce had 80 people, damn it. And if you decide to use this survival strategy, you should understand that they’re not We are ready to meet people like you. Will be very short. You can make a raids on several campuses (especially those who perform a badge of 4).

Bad Plan # 6: “I have a lot of weapons and tools, even though I never used them”

Do you have survival tools, which are still in their original packaging? How often do you visit the shooting range? When was the firewood for you? Without chainsaws?

The BP comes in. I am also talking about a tool. Is not given to birth from birth. Accuracy is not saved if you are not practicing. Have you even tried to preserve food with a wood stove or a fire? Once you’ve seen the bad plan number 9.

It is vital that you have the ability to make it. Once I ordered a water filter. It was not useless. Of course, you can try to become a diy. I’ve been able to get a replacement. Seriously, survival strategy it can be.

Bad plan number 7: “I do not stock up on food, I stock up on seeds”

I love gardening and even made a seed supply. But the seeds are very important to store. If you’ve been fresh vegetables.

The problem is that anything can happen. For example, you can’t help you.

And if this is your survival strategy, then tell me how long you have been growing something? Where did you go to skate? Do you do composting? Have you studied your soil? Did you know about garden gardens? Do you know how much you need? Do you do canning? What about canning in autonomous conditions?

Shouldn’t be the center survival strategies. It is a vital part of preparing for a crop failure.

Bad plan number 8: “I just turned on the generator”

Generators are loud, smelly, and not eternal. If you want to draw attention to yourself in the midst emergency The windows on the street are lit. Generators steal because they can not be hidden. If you have a generator, then there is still something to profit.

Moreover, it is not only about attracting attention. Petrol, diesel and propane generators are a bit of a danger. It can be deadly. It is a threat to the installers. Refueling is not fully cooled generator – the risk of fire. It’s a harder to handle. You are going to rely on.

If you are not a long term. You will only have the fuel you stock. Someday it will be you, My personal survival strategy It includes a transition to a low-tech lifestyle that doesn’t require electricity.

Bad Plan # 9: “I’ll just be cooking and heating by the fireplace”

But I had to experience in my own skin. A few years ago, my daughter and I traveled to the forest of Ontario. I’m thinking of what I’ve been living for.

Unfortunately for us, who were born and raised in the city, making it a fire. The house will be warm. It has been a month to come. I also found out that cooking on the stove. The heat must be increased. The year we spent there was taught us more than we ever imagined.

If your use of your fireplace or stove enters your survival strategy, then you need to know how to do it. Are they dry? Where can you get more? Have you ever cut firewood before? Recently? When did you cook food on the stove or in the fireplace?

If you don’t have any problems, you’ll be able to make it out.

Bad Plan # 10: “I’ll hide in the city and get everything I need”

I don’t really know where to start.

When it’s turned out to be left. It is difficult to dig a cesspool in the stone jungle. Remember when Sandy’s super-storm hit New York? People defecated relatively cleanly. Unfortunately, the sewer system was broken into the living space.

Store shelves are quickly emptied before and after disasters, and there is little left to live. Where do you go? If you’re a little bit more than a refugee camp. Cities will be filled with civilians even before the elements rebelled. Do you want to be able to turn you in?

Densely populated places quickly turned into deadly traps.

Bad plan number 11: “I’m made of stocks, and I don’t have to think about anything else.”

Do not want to get supplies. They may face. But internal disaster preparedness is a very important step. You can watch them out scenarios of their survival.

This is what happened. Survivor worldview contours to problem solving and flexibility.

It is a world view. Think of any stressful situation that has happened to you. After you realized what you really wanted, you were able to plan your actions. It felt like a calmer. You have control of your power and have fulfilled your plan. Only the first step is taken.

If they really happen. It is dangerous to have your loved ones.

Bad plan number 12: “

It is not surprising that there is one.

This approach will turn you into a target. You can’t be so stubbornly upholding If you want to make it happen, you’ll not be happy. If you’re there, then people will be in the direction.

And, finally, it will be the founders of the new society. Where to ask? What kind of life we ​​choose, and live this.

So, it’s time to make adjustments. There is some good news – even if it’s your favorite plan. You can improve your hunting and gathering skills. You can start to train. You can try out the tools and find the weak points. You can make your plan more socially oriented. You may not even abandon it.

It is your way to life. Correct the flaws, while there are still spare options and shops work. Prepare yourself psychologically, so it’s possible to take it.

Finally, you’ll like to live. If there is a general reboot, then We create a new world.

Original article: 12 Bad Strategies

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