12 essential tips

Our life consists of every day. When we wake up, we often think about what we will do. But rarely. What is the case?

Below are helpful tips.

1. Do not attract too much attention.

You need not stand out. Of course, we are not talking about depersonalization at all. To be invisible. But it is worth paying for famous people. If you are more talented or more successful than others, then, of course, you can give your advantages.

But there are some areas of activity that are associated with increased danger. For example, few people will hate a talented poet. But many people will show hostility towards a successful politician. Therefore, show yourself.

2. Do not be too trusting

Another aspect that is worthy of your gullibility. It is a sign that it is worth it.

Also trust easily enjoyed charlatans. Be careful not to be more cost effective. The same goes for the benefits. Of course, it shouldn’t be extreme – paranoia in relation to everything. Do not torture yourself for the smallest reason. But sound skepticism must be present.

3. Do not be ashamed of your fears.

Of course, they should not be encouraged at all. But very often a person is affected by the mass effect. He is leaning towards the crowd or authoritative suggestion. A person may consider that he overcomes his fears. But the instinct of self-preservation plays a very important role in our life. Do not neglect them.

4. Do not brag about skills

Do not give evidence of their dexterity, their skills or courage. The desire to do this usually begins the most unpleasant stories. It can also serve as an evil service if something goes wrong.

If you want to remain whole.

5. Be able to control desires and emotions.

Learn self-control. Very often, a person is exposed to moral and physical temptations. This can turn into a craving, both chronic and instantaneous, which will develop into a matter of minutes. Really evaluate things, try to always keep your mind sober. If you succumb to provocations and temptations, you risk losing more than gaining.

6. Watch your speech.

It is a peace of mind. It’s right. Very often the average person chatters a lot of excess. This is known information. It can be used against the speaker himself. It can be used either by charlatans (if you talk too much about yourself) or simply by ill-wishers (if you indulge in liberty of value judgments).

7. Follow the rules.

A very important point. The rules of the rules themselves – then they turned into a primeval chaos. But you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

For example, do not be too carefree, even if you don’t break anything. Passing car may be drunk, or simply inadequate. It is absolutely not necessary. It’s unlikely to benefit from their innocence.

The same applies to all sorts of transactions and purchases. Yes, the customer is the right one. If you are done correctly, it will be correct.

8. Try to make enemies for yourself.

It will not be a bit indulgent. For example, if you’re a person, you’ll not be able to get in and out. It can be a good idea.

Sometimes there are some trifling misunderstandings that can lead to conflict. Try to avoid them. Making enemies overnight. Indulgence and tactics.

However, it’s not. You must not be indulgent. And will continue in the same spirit.

As you can understand the pattern of behavior.

9. Develop a mindfulness

To make your life more exciting and safe, very importantly, safe, you need to be careful. Forewarned is forearmed. Do not wait for a warning from the side. See for yourself the little things, trends. Helps to better meet people. You can learn more. This will, in turn, serve as a source of information for different purposes:

Mindfulness will help you in making decisions. Very often, our choice is influenced by circumstances, which, subsequently, become decisive. However, it would be possible to consider the situation. Do the same. The result will be better.

10. Do not be too self-confident.

Do not be overly confident in their abilities. You can’t cope with it. Safety. This applies to survival in the wild, and survival in the “urban jungle.”

11. Have your say and defend it.

In order not to be trapped, you must have your own opinion. Yes, be condescending to listen to him. However, do not unconditionally follow it. Argue for yourself why you are leaning towards one or another point of view. Also consider which arguments are decisive for most. It is a clear plan of action.

12. Help people, make friends

But, of course, try first of all to rely on yourself. No, do not underestimate loved ones. It can prevent you from getting outside help. So you can provide it yourself.

A person should not take care of themselves. We care. This is the case with the humanistic ideals. After all, you can learn how to live.

Remember that it’s not a bottle of water.

12 essential tips

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