12 simple steps to prepare for a financial apocalypse

The topic of economic crisis has been relevant. Financial apocalypse, as the article raises its noon 12 Simple Things You Can Starting For A Coming Financial Apocalypse, It is a step by step. State and local governments are heavily indebted. The largest debt in world history. Every year, America buys goods from abroad.

Analyzing the United States, we can conclude that America is getting poorer by hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Large number of jobs are flowing abroad. American cities are turning into post-industrial wastelands. Unemployment in the country is at a catastrophically high level. In this case, it’s not a problem.

It will help you to make a difference.

The most important and basic rule is to depend on the “system”, up to a complete rupture of all ties. If your economy collapses at some point, it will be different. And, of course, most likely forget about you and the government. To see this, just remember what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In other words, it’s your own family.

Therefore, do not waste time and prepare for the economic crisis. To complete this simple steps:

1. Lose dependence on your work

It’s almost impossible to become financially independent. If you lose your job during the economic crisis? You couldn’t find a job, and the economy will deteriorate every day. For each situation, you need to be able to leave the workplace and remain.

Consider accumulating funds.

2. Pay off debts

You can follow you wherever you are. Ignoring debts is not possible until the society has been in the German Weimar Republic.

Get rid of debt – to actually find freedom. The freedom of movement.

Statistics show that people have stopped credit cards. This gives us the opportunity to move on to the repayment of loans. Credit cards.

3. Cut costs

As they say – “Income and expense.” For a long time, we used to live beyond our means. It is necessary to get to your belts, that is, to save. After all, most often we spend more than we earn.

If you revise your expenses, it’s possible to live on a modest amount of money. And invest in things that are really necessary. You will be given a financial apocalypse.

4. Invest money in the purchase of land

In most parts of the United States, property prices are too high. Why are there?

However, it was considered the investment investment funds. It’s a road to peace of mind.

5. Learn to grow food.

How to grow food. Almost all people did this about 100 years ago. At that time, they also knew the farm animals. Today, only a small number of people have these skills.

6. Locate the water source

It will be water. It is impossible to exist. It can intermittently, or even not at all. You can help your family survive the financial apocalypse.

7. Provide alternative energy sources

Will energy companies be able to provide services in difficult times? The answer is similar to the previous paragraph on water. Therefore, it is necessary to extract energy from it. For most people, try to “move away from the network”.

8. Create grocery stock

As a rule, when disasters or emergencies occur, store shelves become empty very quickly. May also occur. At home, your home stocks.

It is a wrinkle. Do not hope for the goods of the store.

9. Get rid of money and buy gold

Gold and silver. America is experiencing a trade deficit. They are, unfortunately, are mistaken. US public debt.

In the contrary, precious metals such as gold and silver are reduced. Chances are not worth to buy anything. Precious metals.

10. Learn self defense

You can’t see what’s happening. For a few days. You need to know how to protect yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not a problem.

11. Be fit

In the age of information technology, people have completely forgotten themselves to the Internet. Modern technologies are involved everywhere: in education. The emotions of feelings are displayed now.

Most people can’t imagine life without information technology. Less is less than time is devoted to physical development. And in vain, in a healthy body – a healthy mind. Sports activities raise self-esteem, give a surge of vitality and good mood. The person is in good shape and thinks faster and reacts more sharply. Physical preparation is essential.

12. Making friends

Man for a comfortable life. Therefore, it’s easier to live than true.

It will help you. I hope you can get something for yourself. If there are thoughts and additions – write in the comments.

How to survive the economic crisis: 12 for the financial apocalypse

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