12 ways to activate and maintain night vision

Human eye – very sensitive device. Therefore, he is able to perceive small quantities of very small quantities. Even at night in nature is never completely dark. It is a reflection of the starry sky. Besides, eye natural light radiation.

  1. If you want to wake up, you will often look into the sky (in the absence of the moon). It seems that you’ve seen it in the sky. The star of the illumination did not increase. It’s not necessary to correct your eyesight. eye previously did not perceive.
  2. If you want to get better This will increase the blood flow to eyeballs. Then thoroughly knead the fingertips – they are reflexively interconnected with visual apparatus, and therefore their hard massage increases eye susceptibility to “night radiation”. The sky will be very light after these procedures.
  3. Keenness night vision depends on the brain. Therefore, it is recommended that you take 4-5 minutes before a crucial combat moment. AT eyes the silhouette of 50-60 meters. The autopilot “refuses.
  4. It can be seen that it is not a problem. This is the physiological feature. visual apparatus.
  5. Night vision 1.5-2 times sharpened in a sitting position. This moment has been checked repeatedly and should not be forgotten.
  6. Improve movement and increase significantly. night vision.
  7. Visual acuity and his nocturnal susceptibility dramatically increases something sour in the mouth. Evolutionary visual apparatus It is a relationship at the reflex level. It was clear that he knew how to use it.
  8. Increase human ability see in the dark It is a simple tonic technique.
  9. Trained night vision It is very aggravated and it shouldn’t be aggravated.

Workouts when performing the above techniques night vision manifests and progresses rather quickly. It is impossible to keep your night-vision for a long time. Potential visual apparatus not limitless. Periodically, for 10-15 seconds and let them rest.

Do not forget: the enemy night vision The photosensitive retina. Therefore, you can never mind. If you are looking for a light on your headlight, a fire, a fire, etc. Do not look for those who are behind it.

  1. In order not to violate the “set” night vision, watch this lighted area of ​​the large plastic button. It is not necessary to disturb your accommodation.
  2. If you need to look for a car on your own backlight. It is the desire to make it to the dark.
    Remember: time closed and pre-accustomed to the dark the other eye, saved not one scout and counterintelligence.
  3. If you have a dark staircase, basement, garage, etc., close it tightly 20-30 seconds before one eye (in this case, the right one is better) so that he is accustomed to darkness. If you’re in the dark room, you’ll see it for you. Reception is simple, but it is impossible to overestimate it.

12 ways to activate and maintain night vision

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