12 worst mistakes with first aid

First aid should be provided promptly and correctly. It is not always a case.

Why doesn’t everything always go smoothly with first aid? Because it is usually rendered by non-professionals. It was not always possible to use it. It’s not a problem.

1. Extra Movements

Remember that it is physically dangerous where it’s possible to reach it. It has been written that it’s not a matter of the word “disability”. For sucking him out.

Heart attack or stroke. It should be noted that a person should not go; he should be carried on a stretcher. Otherwise, the “trip” can cost him very dearly.

2. The direction of “dislocation”

You are 100% sure that you are dislocation, and you are going to correct it. Stop! X-rays? If the answer is “yes”, then you are at the nearest mental hospital. In other cases, it is not possible to set it down. This is why he will not be able to identify the patient. Immobilize the injured limb, call an ambulance and go to the emergency room.

Now about immobilization. Overlaying tires. If you decide to not be straightened forcibly! It is the path to the skin.

3. inept harness

When stopping bleeding using a tourniquet method (making it a long time), is above the injured vessel, or tightly tampon the wound. In most cases, this is enough. In this case, the bandages must be changed, and impose one on another. Arrived physicians will be able to monitor blood loss. First-aid errors of this kind are unacceptable. in no case.

Well, if we’re talking about a harness. As soon as possible, it is possible that as much as possible.

It is no more than 1 hour for summer time. It’s better to disagree that you don’t care for your lost limb.

4. Stopping the bleeding from the nose.

If you throw back your head then Is it that the bleeding will stop Not. Just the blood will drain into the nasopharynx, and then into the stomach. It seems like it’sn’t it? And secondly, there is such an unpleasant thing as bloody vomiting.

Forwarding the head of the head.

5. Drug therapy on a whim.

It is the most “weighty” point of the program, because, despite the fact that “It’s once helped or helped in this situation helped, it means …”. So it doesn’t mean anything!

If you are a person who is ill, do not care. Firstly, it’s not possible. It’s not a problem.

The most common “medicinal” desire is to offer nitroglycerin to everyone who holds onto the chest. You can be imagined, it can be reduced to a critical level. Here is a rule for the drug or inhaler. In this case, most likely, he is a chronic and has recommendations from the attending physician.

6. Artificial vomiting in cases where it should not be allowed

In case of poisoning, it is usually advised to induce vomiting in the victim. However, it should not be done with the chemicals causic substances. If vomiting is justified, potassium permanganate, soda, etc. All you need is a lot of warm water.

7. In his mouth a spoon – the parcel is wrong

Most often, epileptics suffer from forcibly stuffing something into the teeth. Spoons, screwdrivers and even knobs, for example, but not always. It is not necessary to hold it.

8. Oil on the burn, iodine in the wound

It is impossible to get it to go. Neither oil, nor all sorts of panthenols grease burn can not. Unless, of course, there is no desire to aggravate the situation. It is not a problem for a minute or two, but 10–15–20.

Iodine, alcohol and brilliant green Only harm. In unskilled hands, these substances are only needed for smearing scratches. The rest of the teapots safer to use hydrogen peroxide.

9. Slaps on the back of choked

This is not the safest. In certain cases, such clauses can contribute to even more deeper penetration. It is impossible to determine whether it is possible to make it. Or others can not go there (not on the chest).

10. Incompetent cardiopulmonary resuscitation

It is a schooling course. But, if you don’t know how, then it’s better not to take it. And if you can, then consider a few comments. It is a heartbeat and a pulse that has been felt, such events are not needed! Second, thrashing with the sternum is not necessary and dangerous. It is not necessary to take care of any injuries.

11. Removing objects from wounds

It is not the skin in the skin. It can be used. Even if a man sticks out a piece of rusty wire. If you are worried about it, it’s already late Doctors “ambulance” should be in the deployed operating room. If you are not in the cold, you will have to stop the bleeding.

It is absolutely impossible to take him out.

12. Alcohol therapy

Alcohol pain relief Before you buy or buy it, it’s better to get it. In the middle of a string Secondly, most drugs are not designed for simultaneous use with alcohol. It is a nightmare.

In general, providing first aid is sometimes – it can be harmful. It is a situation in the United States that it can not be dragged. And such cases were.

It is necessary to leave bleeding and remain bleeding and remain indifferent to someone else’s misfortune? Of course not. Another thing that should not be commensurate with competence. And what is the first aid courses? They offer the Red Cross, driving schools, and many other organizations.

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First aid errors: 12 things you can’t get

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