13 best pocket pistols

Thanks to innovations in the weapon industry, pistols chambered for .380 ACP (9? 17 mm) experiencing a real renaissance today. Many weapon manufacturers offer various pistols from ultra-compact to medium size.

We offer you the 13 best of them according to the version of the site personaldefenceworld.com.

Beretta pico

Due to the fact that kid only 320 grams weigh, you can wear it all day and not feel its presence. It has a smooth construction, which is why it is unlikely to catch on your clothes or holster. On board there is a decent sight with three points. Barrel length – 2.7 inches.

Bersa Thunder 380

A very popular model among shooters. It has a completely metal construction and a traditional double-action USM. Spaciousness the store – 7 + 1, which is more than most of his fellows. He has a safety catch and sight with three points. Barrel length – 3.5 inches. It weighs 560 grams.

Colt Mustang XSP

This pistol With single-action USM enjoys constant popularity. In the updated model polymer frame, which helped reduce weight to 340 grams. The deepening at the junction of the trigger guard and the textured handle contributes to reliable grip. Barrel length – 2.75 inches.

Glock 42

First model Glock under this cartridge for the civilian market. It weighs only 390 grams, but despite this, recoil he is quite manageable. Barrel length – 3.25 inches.

Kahr CW380

This polymer pistol weighs only 290 grams. Like other models of this company, USM – only self-platoon. The casing of the shutter – only 19 mm. Barrel length – 2.5 inches.

Kel-Tec P-3AT

One of the lightest and most compact. pistols chambered for .380 caliber. USM – only self-platoon. Weight – 235 grams. Aluminum frame. Barrel length – 2.75 inches.

Rugger lcp

Only having appeared on the market, this model immediately won the hearts of lovers. compact pistols, including law enforcement officers. It weighs only 270 grams, and its width is 21 mm. Barrel length – 2.7 inches.

Ruger LC380

The LC380 is the older brother of the LCP, has an enlarged handle and sights. It weighs 490 grams, and its width is only 23 mm. Barrel length – 3 inches.

Sig sauer p238

One of the highest quality pistols this caliber and bestseller company Sig sauer. USM – single action. There is an option with night sights. There are also 12 options for finishing and overlays on the handle. Weight – 430 grams, barrel length – 2.7 inches.

Sig sauer p290RS

This pistol on the polymer frame is slightly larger than the rest pistols This caliber, and weighs as much as 560 grams. In exchange, the shooter gets a great grip and good sights. USM – only self-platoon, dina trunk – 2.9 inches.

Smith & Wesson m&P Bodyguard 380

Extremely successful model for S&W. Pistol turned out very small, light (340 grams) and affordable. Recently, he has a built-in LCC from Crimson trace. Barrel length – 2.75 inches.

Walther PK380

This pistol hardly get lost in your pocket. But he has a 3.66-inch barrel and 540 grams of weight that will help cope with recoil. Score Holds as many as 8 rounds.

Walther PPK

Grandpa of all compact pistols. It has a metal frame and double-action trigger. Width – 25 mm, weight – 635 grams. Barrel length – 3.3 inches.


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