13 powerful crossbows for hunting and survival

“Crossbow” is a Latin word meaning “arc” (arcus) and “throwing” (ballisto) —this is generally logical. Crossbows are not only frightened by the game. Crossbows are different. There are military crossbows for training, for training, and for training. In general, it can be very relevant!

So we’ve picked up 13 models of crossbows, for quality and characteristics. Immediately we warn in some countries, including Russia, to apply crossbow for hunting on animals by law is impossible.


Used to “lay” the fish. In America, Australia, even on the Volga they are already actively used. Shoots a six-sided harpoon. So not only big fish – Parker Stingray will easily lay the bird …

Carbon Express Covert CX2

13 powerful crossbows for hunting and survival

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