13 types of improvised weapons made from household garbage

It is a chance to survive. But what does all the ammunition run out?

Here you have 13 species improvised weapon, which you can literally build from garbage and various unnecessary things.

1. Disc thrower from circular saw

The triggers blade saws for circular saws … What do you need for a zombie apocalypse! And that’s how you can build it.

And this is how it works:

2. Machete (without the use of power tools)

It has been completely collapsed.

3. Fast and dirty war hammer

Every beat of it improvised weapon as dangerous as loud. It is easier to watch than to explain.

4. Wind tube

And some sharp pieces. Even a completely talentless gunsmith will be able to construct it. improvised weapon. Here, for example, how to make such a pipe from materials worth only 10 bucks.

And if you want to see your chances.

5. Shepherd sling

This hunting tool (and improvised weapon) extremely ancient stuff. Leather bag with round leather bag at high speed.

But how to make a shepherd?

A word of advice: Use the smoothest and roundest objects you can find. The river is ideal for the river.

6. Improvised booby traps

It is filled with balls for airsoft weapons. Including piercing-cutting objects.

7. Primitive Crossbow

If you do not take into account the firebow, the crossbow, even the most primitive – the most accurate survival weapon. But how can it be made of scrap materials, using only a knife and a rope.

You can also use PVC pipes instead of wood.

8. Slingshot Crossbow

If you are interested in everything, you can do everything even better.

9. Shotgun on black powder (or “Loud cricket”)

First of all, we clarify this improvised weapon It is extremely dangerous to both produce and use. If you’re unsure of something, don’t even think about it. But if a horde of zombies comes … Well …

10-13. Pepper Spray, Bolas, Crossbow and Slingshot

Literally from Bavarian creates improvised weapon including pepper spear (from old chili powder), bolas (from cans of cat food and batteries), crossbow (from a broom handle) and a simple slingshot.

Original article – 13 Lethal Weapons You Can Build from Household Trash (When Your Ammo Runs Out)

Editor’s note. Yes, we can understand that the enemy is pure idiocy. But in order to be confronted as a weakly armed aggressor – why not? Not everything, of course, but something can be really effective. Especially disc thrower. Damn, such a cool thing …

13 types of improvised weapons

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