14.5 mm KPVT tank machine gun, characteristics, device, disassembly and assembly, cartridges for KPVT, manual.

gases acting through the bottom of the sleeve on the shutter, and gas pressure on the bottom of the sleeve and piston (located on the muzzle of the barrel) after the bullet leaves the barrel.

The joint movement of the barrel with the bolt occurs at a distance of 30 mm, after which the bolt disengages from the barrel and continues to move backward, and the barrel, under the action of its spring, returns to the forward position. The barrel channel is locked by turning a combat larva that engages with the barrel using combat ledges.

The combat larva is connected to the bolt skeleton and rotated when the trunk channel is unlocked and locked using an accelerator passing through inclined accelerating cutouts in the bolt skeleton and transverse round holes in the combat larva. The ends of the accelerator having rollers are included in the side slots of the receiver.

Machine gun ammunition during firing is made of metal tape. The tape is made up of individual pieces, 10 rounds each. Pieces of tape are connected to each other with the help of cartridges. Slider type feed mechanism. The slider is driven by a feed engine, which is connected to the shutter skeleton. The tape feed direction with the slider can be set from right to left or left to right, depending on where and how the machine gun is mounted.

The trigger mechanism allows you to carry only automatic fire. Impact mechanism – impact type. It works due to the energy of the shutter roll under the action of the reciprocating spring. The machine gun is equipped with an electric trigger and pneumatic reloading mechanism.

On 14.5 mm KPVT machine guns installed on non-electrified and non-compressed air installations, the pneumatic reloading mechanism and electric start are not set. In this case, a plug is installed in place of the electric start.

14.5 mm KPVT tank machine gun is a reliable and reliable weapon. However, in order to fully ensure its reliability, reliability and constant combat readiness, it is necessary to strictly comply with all the machine gun operating rules set forth in this manual.

14.5 mm KPVT tank machine gun, specifications, device, disassembly and assembly, KPVT cartridges, manual DOWNLOAD book

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