15 tips for women on the hunt – how to hunt with men

It is not always the case. According to statistics, the world has had a weapon, has increased by 77%. The same time, the number of women in the same 10 years. Increasingly, there is no longer a cook, but a bit of a breadwinner – a full member of the hunting pack! It is why we have to go on a par with men. So …

1. Be yourself

Yes, it’s now here to go. It is a funeral forgiveness. You cant be sure that they will not think anything about you. And you will show them more!

2. If you use foul language, do it skillfully.

As you know, the hunters are famous for masterfully folding the mate into such a murderous “high-rise buildings”. But if you are a little bit of a man, you’ll have to do it. If you are a woman, she doesn’t need to know what to say. Only spoil the hunt and tune men against themselves.

3. Walking in need is normal

Yes, the man is turned away. Women have much more difficulty. But it is the nature of the wind. Just look for a bush away, hide it, that’s all.

9. Decide in advance

Usually on a hunt, men eat potatoes, porridge, meat. If you want a salad Therefore, if you still want – drag with you.

10. We think over all our equipment for hunting.

It may take a lot of things to hunt. And insect repellent, and tools, and gloves. A girl who runs around and I can, but I can, doesn’t cause any respect. Lost one thing happens to everyone. They did not take anything – “samadura”.

11. For successful hunting you need to train.

Shooting for the first time. In animals, even the vital organs are differently located. And, of course, you can get ready to go. That is, I’m your trophy, beauty! ”So do not panic.

12. Take care of your weapon.

Do not leave weapons in the car. Do not throw it on the table charged. Do not look into the trunk. Do not direct people. It is important to keep in mind that you’re where your weapon is!

13. By the way, the words “bunny, sun” – not rolled up

If you’re suddenly called on you. There is a chance to talk about it.

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