15 tips to help you stay alive in an emergency

In general, survival is not only art, but also science. Read it immediately and understand all aspects of possible problems. This “interested” needs to be actively interested. On the other hand, even the banal “office plankton”, survival tips, which can increase the chances stay alive in which case. And about such “things” and will be discussed today.

Oh yeah, if you’re a master of survival, you can’t simply waste your precious time.

1. Potatoes

Surviving on one potato is a reality. Matt Damon in his “Martian” we did not lie. Moreover, one man from Australia – Andrew Taylor, ate a whole year only potatoes. And nothing, lost weight, matured, matured. That’s not a good thing.

2. Sanitary pads

Not only is the dressing material. Sterile, well absorbs blood. So if there is something you can use gaskets.

3. Superglue

A crap alternative to antiseptic patches. Lousy, but at least some. Against small cuts, it will work. Something bigger is no longer.

4. Baking soda

Not the best, but still relatively effective improvised powder fire extinguisher. And it is slightly more effective to eliminate unmasking and various stains from clothes. But in general do not recommend Stay alive

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is almost like alcohol, just bad. It helps, just bad. But it’s better than that. And what about the bacteria? But normal antibiotics are far from him.

6. Condoms

Water bombs, which make up the water bombs. They stretch, resilient, hard to tear. Well, theoretically. One moment – try to remove the grease from the product before use. Such a “flavor additive”

7. Snow

The first survival advice, to which the Chukchi teach their children – “Yellow snow is not.” The second – “There is no snow at all.” It is better to feel cold, but water. Otherwise, it’s possible to damage it.

8. Water filtration

You can drink absolutely any water. But not after boiling. And this doesn’t take a lot of hazards. It is a water filter.

9. Hypothermia

This is bad. So use every opportunity to keep warm. Keep warm and warm. If there is a threat Ignorance of this simplest survival rules cost much life …

10. Rule “333”

It helps to understand and understand the situation. In the case of 3 minutes, without water – 3 days, without food – 3 weeks. You can, of course, longer, but already already bad. But in practice, even less it is obtained, because it greatly affects the external conditions. So in a critical situation, use it. survival adviceand someday – food.

11. Know your place

In terms of where you’re going. Or you are going to go. And at least someone. If you’re looking for you.

12. Mirror and whistle

If you are going to the forest, take them with you. The voice of the whistle is heard more. A mirror can even give you a signal about a kilometer away. If you can, of course. And yes, learn how to do it. It can be seen.

13. Stairs

It is clear that there was a chance. so – holding hands in smartphone.

14. The crowd

If you go somewhere, where you’re waiting for the emergency exits. After all, if there is something going for the routes. Use this simple survival advice, healthy will increase.

15. Reaction to the gun

This is an active topic for discussion, yes. What if a gun was aimed at you? Of course, if you’re a master of hand-to-hand combat, it’s 2-3 meters, and your opponent is a priori drunk sloop. Then tell me where the bullet hit you. If you’re ready to comply. If threatened, it wants to kill. Be calm, look. Statistics show that modest and quiet still live.

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