15 useful things that every man should have

It is a funk for the whole family. But nevertheless, forethought is never superfluous. And there must be a set in the house useful things and tools. You never know what the situation is. This is a list of what is desirable.

1. Work gloves

Normal gloves. Preventing minor injuries and calluses. It can be used for all types of work.

2. Passport

No, we love you all the best. And if everything becomes really bad – the passport will not help. However, this is an extremely useful thing. And will not work. Where do you want to go somewhere in the African wilderness? To see that all is not so bad for us …

3. Weekend Bag

It is not a shame to appear in public. Decently poke with a hefty tourist backpack. And this useful thing – the balance between the propriety and the owner.

4. Reliable shoes

It can be easier for everybody. Must be a man. Sneakers and moccasins is, of course, good. A decent leather shoes, even in any office environment will look fine.

5. Cast iron skillet

This is a formidable weapon for the far-away husbands. Just kidding, of course. Blowing a piece of iron skillet. But for cooking delicious steak or fried potatoes – the most it. And this useful thing “Teflon coatings” is a lot more reliable than any other product. A cast iron pan – a thing for ages!

6. A good corkscrew

Normal corkscrew – extremely useful thing. Of course, it can be used to show off. It is easier to get it. And no, a corkscrew is not drunken alcoholics. They, as you know, quite cost without it.

7. Chef’s Knife

Of course, only one knife is to prepare for culinary masterpieces, but it can greatly contribute to this task. You can resist!

8. WD-40

This little jar helps eliminate a bunch of problems. As they say, if something moves. but should not take the blue tape. It should not take the WD-40. It is a car or a motorist. And it is a good idea.

9. Multitul

Of course, any real master needs tailored to his personal needs. But there are situations when you are not sensible. And then the universal multitool comes to the rescue. Highly lightweight, compact, compact. Highly useful thing.

10. Screwdriver

But I personally encountered this situation. Newly renovated apartment But there was no screwdriver. I had to go for a bottle since it wasn’t a ghost of repair.

11. The ax

An indispensable thing. You can answer your questions: “How to fight a wild dog,” “Where are your ax? “In short, useful thing. Highly.

12. Chainsaw

Um … Why not? Why would a man not be an adult and an accomplished man? Useful thing after all! Zombie it is useful (no). Well, if you’re having a lot of problems with your own home.

13. Building level

Useful thing, You need to make the furniture yourself. If you can achieve a perfectly flat right angles. And yes, such a thing even in my home somewhere lying around.

14. Flashlight

It can be a powerful and reliable flashlight. Yes, some people think that everything can be highlighted with a mobile screen, but no. Not all. Plus the flashlight works much longer and shines much more powerful. So this is exactly one useful thing, which is obliged to be at any.

15. Well and …

And what would you add to this set? Just do not get involved – it is understood that all these useful things it is a survivor.

15 useful things that every man should have

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