16 ways to sabotage the work of the CIA

In 1944, the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA, distributed a secret pamphlet. This is a list of countries who are sympathized with the anti-Hitler coalition. All recommendations were aimed at disrupting production. Surprisingly, they are quite relevant now. CIA came up with a bad employee!

“Simple methods of sabotage in the workplace” were found on the CIA website. It is an instruction to be taken into account.

It becomes clear: to become a bad employee.

We have selected for you the most interesting quotes from this brochure. In the case of the industry

Check out maybe one of your colleagues?

Workflow organization

  1. Insist that everything happen through the conditional channels. Do not look for quick decisions.
  2. Make a speech. Speak as often as possible and longer. Illustrate your ideas with your personal life.
  3. If possible, please make sure that you’re resolving issues and issues. Try at least five people.
  4. Raise inappropriate questions as often as possible.
  5. Require the most accurate wording during the conversation, in protocols and resolutions.
  6. Insist on re-examining the issue.
  7. Encourage others to be sensible, careful, and avoid haste. This can lead to difficulties or problems in the future.

Executive tips

  1. Determine which of your employees performs the most simple and unimportant work. Coming up with important tasks and responsible tasks. Give preference to the most efficient employees.
  2. Insist on impeccable job performance. Make those remake again those who made the slightest mistake.
  3. To reduce team spirit, increase those who work the least. Be supportive of the most efficient workers.
  4. Urgent number of urgent tasks.
  5. Increase the number of procedures and instructions. At least three people must approve.

Employee Tips

  1. Work slowly.
  2. Increase the number of breaks to the maximum.
  3. Do your job badly. Blame it on tools, machines, or equipment. Be complaining that you are stopping you from a normal job.
  4. Never share experiences.

Do you recognize your colleagues or bosses? Full instructions can be found here.

Own security

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