20 commandments of the present warrior

Be Warrior – means live for real boldly, honestly and with dignity fear, doubt. A life Warrior They are not all Warriors.

Warrior – Beat it in his hands, Dignity and Bravery.

Military commandments

1. We are what we think of ourselves.

What you think about. The winner doesn’t think like a victim.

2. Believe in yourself

Do not say: “I can not do this.” Instead, ask yourself: “How can I do this?”. So you will find a way.

3. Be consistent, avoid fuss

Do not rush to know everything at once. Way Warrior priorities and priorities.

4. Do not be a slave to your desires. Keep in all simplicity and moderation

Find a middle ground in everything. Indices of excesses, both in indulging and desires.

5. Act and live consciously.

Warrior it can only be one life. His path – the path of choice and action.

6. Win and do not be afraid of defeat.

Striking to the bottom. They are your best teachers.

7. Connect the mind, body and spirit together. Your enemies

The mind is a skill. Only together they are able to fight and defeat enemies.

8. Get everything yourself. Never ask for anything

Have Warrior you can take away everything, except what he he met himself. It is with him forever.

9. Taking the case, bring it to the end. Keep your word

There are no responses. A person is judged by the difference between words and deed.

10. Act quickly and decisively. Doubts in yourself are the warrior’s worst enemy

Make a choice consciously. Having made a choice not regret it. A tree falls down, wounded by worms. The spirit of mind

11. Do not regret the past

Warrior commits the greatest folly when regrets the past. Forgetting about the present, he loses the future.

12. Answer for your words, deeds and your ignorance

Search only in yourself the cause of all the failures. Only what you are responsible for. The stronger the responsibility Warrior , he can influence.

13. Change your world.

In hand Warrior tremendous power –

14. Do not be afraid of anything. Warrior can be destroyed, but to win – never!

You can destroy the body Warrior , but can’t be broken.

15. Be perfect. Indulge yourself

Human weaknesses are irrational. When Warrior flawless in everything, he is protected from accidents and reproaches.

16. Do not judge others

Accept the rest. Be Warrior not everyone can.

17. Do not betray teachers and comrades.

By betraying your path and yourself.

18. The only criterion of warrior combat capability is a duel.

Shouting shortcomings.

19. Do not be arrogant

Never consider yourself better than others. You can learn something from anyone. It is not possible to comprehend something new.

20. Work on yourself. There is no limit to perfection

There is always something to strive for. Only by perfecting yourself, Warrior getting stronger.

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20 commandments of the present warrior

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