20 principles of team work units in buildings

Teamwork units in the building

  1. Is always maintain a security zone around you at 360 degrees. When you stopping, or in motion, you must provide a 360 degree safety zone.
  2. Never do not come in in the cleaned room by oneself.
  3. Do not let go alone to the cleaned room members of your team.
  4. Never don’t turn your back to uncleaned areas. You can not be sure that it is safe.
  5. Zone is considered trimmed only when you present in this zone and hold it. Who will be in this zone after you leave it?
  6. The situation is always changeable.. You should always be careful.
  7. Clear all corners and “dead” zones.
  8. Is always get down on your knee, in case of reloading or malfunctioning weapons. If you are on the line, you’re going to
  9. Never don’t look back It is a fact that it can be something that happens.
  10. Is always do the opposite actions of a team member who is ahead of you. If you’re moving away from the left side, you’ll move to the right.
  11. When driving in a building keep the distance up front team member at 35-40 cm.
  12. Before the start put your left hand (right ALWAYS is on the weapon) on the shoulder standing in front. Show your readiness for action.
  13. Hold your weapon right hand at an angle of 45 degrees. This is the safest position before striking.
  14. Come immediately The area of ​​responsibility. (Do not linger in the doorway!)
  15. Evaluate the size of the cleaned room, and, accordingly, determine the number of assault.
  16. Shooting rack: feet shoulder width, in one line, toes forward (in the direction of motion). Knees slightly bent, body leaned forward in the hip joint. Shoulders straightened and laid laid back. Head without tilt, both eyes open.
  17. Move along the walls at a distance of 10-15 cm from the wall. Do not touch the walls to avoid noise.
  18. Know own area of ​​responsibility in the cleaned room !!!
  19. Use verbal signs. and signals. ALWAYS use prearranged signs and signals. Do not change them on the go.
  20. Notify your team members about the end of the stripping their area of ​​responsibility.

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