20 rules of firefight, with visualization

The main postulates of fire fighting, written in blood. It should be noted that it can be a survivor.

Battle Rule # 1: Grab a weapon. Preferably, grab two. Bringing with you.

Battle Rule # 2: You can shoot at once again. Cartridges are cheap – life is expensive.

Battle Rule # 3: Only hits are counted. Worse a miss can only be a slow slip.

Battle Rule # 4If you don’t want to move fast enough or don’t use the shelter correctly.

Battle Rule # 5: Move towards the OT attacking you. Distance is your friend. Flank and diagonal waste is preferred.

Battle Rule # 6If you can choose weapons for combat, grab a rifle.

Battle Rule # 7After the past years, calibers, racks and tactics. They will remember only those who survived.

Battle Rule # 8: If you don’t have to go.

Battle Rule # 9Accuracy is a relative value of your weapon’s passport. ALWAYS works.

Battle Rule # 10If you have been a death, you can’t get it.

Battle Rule # 11: Always cheat, always win. A foul fight is only one that you lose.

Battle Rule # 12: Have a plan.

Battle Rule # 13: Have a backup plan, because the first plan will not work.

Battle Rule # 14: Use cover and be as secretive as possible.

Battle Rule # 15: Attack the enemy from the flanks whenever possible. Protect your flanks.

Battle Rule # 16: Do not let your guard down.

Battle Rule # 17: Always recharge tactically (save the store and, if possible, not “tearing” the objective picture — ed.),

Battle Rule # 18: Kill hands. Always watch out for them.

Battle Rule # 19: Always be aggressive enough and fast enough.

Battle Rule # 20: You will shoot at you.

Translation Author – kneejnick1 (edited by LDC)

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