20 simple tips how to die by stupidity. Part 1

People often die of stupidity and instinct. Someone was just in the wrong place. Someone has atrophied a sense of fear. Someone tried to make it in the sea. You are funny, but there are such people.

On accidents and death by negligence accounts for about 25% of the total number of deaths. This is according to statistics for men aged 18-50 years. Little, but not enough. Let’s look at people killed by their own stupidity, not repeat your mistakes.

1. Remember that wild animals are always dangerous.

Of course, you can squirrel in the forest with nuts, or take a picture. However, you shouldn’t have a cute teddy bear. On July 6, 2011, Brian Mathaoshi, 56, and his wife, Marilyn, 58, decided to take a walk. Stumbled upon a grizzly bear. Result – Brian died of his own stupidity, and Marilyn miraculously escaped by hiding behind a tree.

Statistics: Every year, 3 of 5 people die of wild animals, including sharks.

With sharks – where you can swim there.

If you’re not be shouting, you can’t see it. You can’t get out of your way, you’re terribly hungry.

Moreover, for example, it was not found.

2. Do not mess with vending machines

We missed lunch, we decided to go for a snack. They are angry, you are angry.

Statistics: In the period from 1978 to 1995, 37 people were killed by vending machines.

How? Elementary people trying to get it, they were crushed by a fallen car.

What to do: Take lunch with you.

3. Do not climb into the water

On May 20, 2013, Kyle McGonil, 36, walked in the water, which whined plaintively. Of course, he jumped into the water to save the poor animal. However, he and the dog drowned, receiving an electric shock from unexpectedly slipping wires into the water.

Statistics: Sorry, number death by stupidity from electric shock in water is unknown. However, there have been many cases where it can be due to negligence or improper grounding.

What to do: Do not climb up to 100 meters from any dock or pier. At a minimum, check that the instructions in the dock are complied with.

4. Choose the right path

Morning, July 14, 2013, Taylor Fellz rode his quad bike with a passenger. The ATV couldn’t provide a way for you to turn over. The driver died.

Statistics: One third of accidents with quadrocycles occur on asphalt. More than 300 people died in 2011.

What to do: The ATV is designed for off-road driving. He says, “It’s not a good idea.” It’s unpredictably on asphalt. So you need to drive up.

5. Mow correctly

Lawn mower – a pretty dangerous thing, equipped with creepy blades. Most death by stupidity It turned out that the lawn mowers turned on.

Statistics: About 95 Americans die each year from lawn mowers.

What to do: Mow the grass up and down the slope, not across!

6. Be wary of dams and dams.

Water, crossing a dam or dam, creates a downforce. It seems, usually water flows along the river.

Statistics: From 8 to 12 people die each year, floating near a dam or dam.

What to doIf you feel like you’ve been Once at the bottom, try to swim out. Maybe lucky.

7. Do not hold your breath

You need to breathe deeply, then hold your breath. So? But not so! It is not necessary to breathe. This effect has the name of “depth of depth”, which already speaks for itself.

Statistics: Drowning is ranked 5th for a mortality in the United States.

What to do: Do not be hyperventilate before diving, trying to stay as much as possible.

8. Keep balance and see where you are going.

If you climb the stairs, especially when it comes to your hands.

Statistics: More than 700 people die, stumbled or fell.

What to do: When working at height, try to have at least 3 points of support. We use hooks Do not drag in your hands.

9. Cross the river carefully

It is a small mountain river. However, you can simply drown if you fall out.

Statistics: Mortality from parks. He speaks for itself.

What to do: Straight line. Before you go, do not go. It is your dream.

10. Land correctly

You jumped with a parachute, opened up. What can go wrong? Inexperienced jumpers try to avoid obstacles at the last minute landing site. Experienced can be released as late as possible. However, if you’ve been on a parachute too late, you’ll have to go.

Statistics: Jumps out of 19 jumps for those who ended up.

What to doAway from 30 to 300 meters ()

Tips to help you avoid death by stupidity or carelessness. Wait for the next part soon.

20 simple tips how to die by stupidity. Part 1

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